January 12, 2007

Education Meets Technology

Education is the foundation of our future. It is the reason the world is where it is today. Not physically of course, some astronomical occurrence did that. I mean the advancement of mankind.

Education and technology are a bit of a Pandora’s Box in some ways. You can't make large advancements in one without the other. That is where ATS finds its home in the College of Education and Human Development. We exist to help make sure that both can grow together in harmony. We love education. We love technology. But what we really love is bringing both together to enhance the other. We hope you love it too.

ASP in the ATShouse


January 9, 2007

Project Development Process

Academic Technology Services is nearly set to invite instructors in the College of Education and Human Development to submit proposals for teaching / learning / research multimedia and web development projects. The call for proposals will be sent out within the week! A limited number of projects will be developed during the 2007-2008 school year.

A website is being developed to show example projects, to help instructors understand the process, and to provide an online form for proposal submission.

Stay tuned!

December 21, 2006

Targeting Blog for Content

Just as an FYI, I would love to see more blogs posted in here. I am going to be starting that portion of the site in a few weeks. By that time I will need some substance to begin populating our page. Obviously, I would prefer that the content was along the lines of a typical topic or news item that you would like to see mentioned on our intranet page.

Once I get the feed dynamically populating our page, I will remind you all again that we will want to stay moderately active on this communablog so that our site visitors stay up to date!

December 19, 2006

OK, I'm in

Here's another entry. Go ahead, change this, someone!

Let's get ready to rumble!

So start talking, please. I want to see if this works! Also, try editing other people's posts to say whatever you like.