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September 26, 2006

More notes from the first day

  • quick and dirty splice of all tracks with no uber-careful attempts to ensure smooth transition took ~30 mins

  • exported MP3 as 48kbps, file size ~20mb

  • no editing in this one

September 25, 2006

First day of podcasting MSJ's class

My notes from processing the first podcasted lecture for PSTL1135:

  • files were broken up into 12 different tracks for some reason

  • first 3 minutes or so was writing on chalkboard

  • lots of editing on my part (coughing spells, silences during class discussion [generated a silence into track for those], minor silence spells by MSJ, careful meticulous splicing of tracks so transitions would be unnoticeable to listener)

  • first exported MP3 as 128kps, file size ~45mb; would not upload to UThink!

  • second exported MP3 as 48kbps, file size ~17mb, UThink ok!

  • entire process took ~2 hrs

  • mp3 tag format when you export it as MP3 in Audacity: