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Podcasted lecture today

Danielle, the Bio TA, gave this lecture. She clipped the mike to her sweater (v-neck) and I think she may have bumped it a few times during the lecture. The sound quality dipped in and out and there was frequently scratchy distortion that made for a really annoying addition to the lecture. Could it be due to a dying battery in the bodypack? The rest of the setup was exactly the same as the last time I assisted Murray in his setup. Will try a new battery next time and have her clip the mike to a stationary portion of her shirt; it may have been bumping against her or something. She took questions at some times but did not repeat them for the podcast so there are some pauses and then she answers. Sound cuts out for a full 30 seconds towards the end of the podcast, which is very unfortunate, and again in fits and starts for about 5 seconds apiece closer to the end. Added apology to blog entry for the podcast and will try new batteries in audio units on Wednesday. (For the past few podcasts, we have been plugging the Marantz unit into the power jack on the countertop, preserving the batteries in there.)

This was Danielle's very first lecture ever (I think) so it might prove to be a nice resource for her in the future for examining her lecture style. Also, might be a nice resource for Murray to see how things go when he's not lecturing.