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Technical and other Difficulties

Well, that almost worked.

I was doing testing on the podcasting briefcase during Spring Break week and knew I would be out of the office Monday and Wednesday of this week. I had planned to get the briefcase to Murray on Thursday and Laurie would upload the podcasts from Monday on Tuesday morning (she was out on Monday) and Wednesday's lecture on Wednesday.

However, things were further complicated by the fact that Danielle was giving the lecture Monday, so Pete offered to set it up for her and bring it back to our office for safekeeping. That went fine, and the lecture recorded beautifully.

However again, since the briefcase was down here in our space, when Murray got back to town he didn't know where it was so he couldn't record the lecture on Wednesday. Dang!

At the very least, the equipment is working nicely again, so we will try to shoot for Monday for another Murray Lecture.