March 23, 2007

Research recordings

Jill's TA Zoe will be using the spare briefcase podcasting setup on Monday to record "ThinkAloud" research interviews with students on how they go about accessing the podcasts and posting to the blog. Should produce some interesting results! I'll be there to help get her set up.

March 7, 2007

Poetry Slam

Jill has been familiarizing herself with the podcasting briefcase by recording some of her students' Poetry Slam presentations in class; we have been using the spare briefcase for this purpose and recordings seem to be going well. I had some issues with the audio which may have been related to where the student places the microphone on his/her person (mic too close to mouth, mic underneath clothing, lots of movement by performer causing feedback, etc.) but adjusting that sort of thing may have led to more nervousness for the performer so we'll just note it for next time. These are not to be podcasted/published in any form but are solely for the students' usage to gauge their performance; the mp3 files are delivered to students individually and not put online in any format unless the student takes the initiative to do so of their own volition. In my personal opinion, some of these really ought to end up on their MySpaces or Facebooks; they're that good!