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So there's this huge buzz around about Twitter, the latest web2.0-esque invention designed to... well, noone can really pinpoint it. It's like iRC for the new set, if you ask me. I can't remember where I first saw it discussed, but I dutifully signed up right away and then did nothing with it until a Discrete Cosine post reminded me of its existence. And now... laurie and dan and I are wondering what the big deal is. Maybe we're just getting old? (Well, me anyway.)

And I'll be perfectly honest: discovering that it was a brainchild of Evan Williams sort of sours it for me. (Here's where I puff out my oldschool chest a bit and brag about being on the cutting edge back before that edge dulled with my advancing years.) I'm oldschool Blogger (May 2000!) back when Meg and the gang were still running things, back before Pyra went down the tubes and Ev made off with the glory (so the story goes). I've therefore kind of got a bad association with the guy, so his direct involvement with this project doesn't make me look all that kindly upon it no matter how cool/revolutionary/whatever it may be. It's unfair, but I suppose in a way I associate him with the corporatization of all those hip funky cool underground things people were doing with the web back in the early 00's.

So... anyway, I still don't get Twitter. But I don't get WoW either, so take that as you will.