May 6, 2007


I stayed with friends Gary and Charlotte in St Louis and also had a quick beer with Rob and Dana. It's always so fun to connect with "old" friends. Gary and Charlotte are in the photo of Busch stadium. It was a gorgeous stadium, all the brick really is appealing. I'm getting excited for our new Twins stadium!!

Gary and Charlotte and I shared travel pictures as they've been to many exciting places, too. My fav was the DVD on their giant screen TV of their recent cruise trip to Antarctica, the Falkland Islands, South Georgia Islands and others. We had lunch on "The Hill", a predominantly Italian neighborhood so we ate at a great Italian restaurant followed by a stop at the Missouri Bakery to get me stocked with cookies for my drive! Then, we had a "concrete" at Ted Drewe's - a classic frozen custard stop right on Route 66!

Oh, the game. It rained all day as we cruised around the city, walking in the rain to the Arch, etc. It stopped right as the game began!! I haven't been rained out but I've been rained on. It turned out to be a gorgeous night for outdoor baseball and I loved just being in Busch stadium. Once again, my good luck was brought to a cellar dweller as the Cardinals won!

Posted by vmeyer at May 6, 2007 11:05 AM