Research is Everywhere: Part 1

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Several events led up to today's blog post. First, yesterday I spent three hours attempting to sign onto the University of Minnesota's internet. This is a fairly common occurrence for me, though usually it takes about half an hour rather than several hours (what is this, the days of dial-up?). Finally, after getting the internet to work I received an email from the U of M's IT department asking me to participate in a survey about my satisfaction with the U's IT and internet services. Boy oh boy was I so very happy to oblige.


In conclusion, the survey did what it promised to do, it stuck to about 7 minutes (I take a bit longer to do surveys that what they estimate because I actually read and think about the answers typically). It gave me the option to give suggestions at the end of the survey about how I would improve the services which are offered, and then asked me if I would be willing to participate in a focus group. I believe this is an effective way of getting members for a focus group, as they are already willing to help you in one way, why not another.

Also I felt that the questions they asked in the survey were valid in that they seemed to
measure what they were asking.
Their format for asking questions was: Rate the minimum service quality you would expect. Rate what you would prefer. Rate how you think we've performed so far.

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