Research is Everywhere: Part 5

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the above link is an article written by Darren Booth for CNBC about America's most stressful airports.

I chose this article to write about thanks to the holiday season, thousands are traveling, and frankly, that creates a lot more stress. I mean, have you ever seen Home Alone? It's all about the holiday season, and traveling and people forgetting things and being stressed...oh and some kid fighting crooks.

The article is based around a study conducted by KRC Research for a travel and expense solutions company named Concur. They ranked the 16 most stressful U.S. Airports based on 1,500 business travelers.
One can only assume that they used a convenience sample, those whom they saw at airports and were willing to be interviewed. They also likely utilized an ordinal ranking questionnaire based on popular airports and then what factors were most critical in creating a stressful airport.

One interesting thing the study did find is that there is an increased importance of available Wi-Fi and electrical outlets to travelers. Though the most stressful components remain to be confusing airport signs, poor service, and not enough bathrooms.

So with that being said, hopefully you all will have safe travels home and be lucky enough to find one of those rare, stress free airports with clear signs, good service, enough bathrooms, and fantastic Wi-Fi.
Safe travels!

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