Research is Everywhere: Part 8

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It may no longer be Monday morning...but it's Tuesday morning, which is almost just as bad. So in honor of having to wake up, in the morning...near the end of the semester when everyone feels half dead already, I am going to comment on a yahoo article I found awhile ago which details when you are most likely to die. Coincidence that you are most likely to die in the morning? I think not. (website link)

There's not much to say on this article or the research. It's a scientific research article, detailing about genetics, natural biology, and how technology surprisingly has a lack of influence on our time-of-death. How brilliant to know I'm not killing myself while on Facebook, or uploading things to moodle.

The methodology of the study was borrowed from a 15 year old study done by Rush University in Chicago. The study tested sleep-wake patterns in people over 65. After taking the data from that 15 year old study, the current researchers studied the brains of the participants who had died and discovered that a certain genotype were more likely to die in late morning. In my opinion the findings were not that significant, as you have about a 52% chance of dying in the late morning and a 48% chance of having the genotype that is more likely to die in late afternoon.

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