Earthquake strikes on coast of Indonesia

An earthquake struck the coast of Indonesia Monday that had intially sparked tsunami warnings, which caused residents to evacuate.

The Associated Press (AP) reported a that a 7.7-magnitued earthquake struck 13 miles from Indonesia's Sumatra island. Reuters said that it was a 7.5-magnitued earthquake that had started tsunami warnings which were later called off by an Indonesian earthquake legacy.

The AP said five towns were badly damaged as well as the islands of Mentawai. However, Reuters reported that the earthquake had caused no immediate damage or had any casualites.

There were 5.0-magnitude aftershocks that hit less than an hour of the original earthquake, according to the AP. Reuters reported that there were two aftershocks.

About one year ago, the city of Padang in Indonesia was badly hit by a 7.6-magnitude earthquake that killed around 700 people and damaged or flattened 180,000 buildings, said the AP. Reuters also added that in 2004, a tsunami, which was caused by a 9.0-magnitude earthquake off of Sumatra, killed over 226,000 people making it the deadliest earthquake in history.

The AP reported that Indonesia is most prone to volcanic activity and earthquakes because it lies in the Pacific Ring of Fire.

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