Letter bomb addressed to German chancellor

A letter bomb was discovered Monday at a Berlin chancellory.

According to AOL News, the package was supposed to be delivered to German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The package contained a pipe bomb with "explosive black powder" that was hidden inside a book delivery package. The Deutsche Welle said the package was coming from the Greek Economics Ministry.

AOL News reported that the bomb was discovered hours after other letter bombs were discovered in Greece. Other letter bombs did explode around the Russian and Swiss Embassies in Athens. The Deutsche Welle added that other letter bombs were found in the Germany, Chile, and Bulgaria embassies.

AOL News said German officials believe that Greek leftist organizations may be behind the attacks. According to the Deutsche Welle, the letter bomb arrived after two suspects in Greece were accused of sending four parcel bombs to Nicolas Sarkozy, president of France, and the Mexican, Dutch, and Belgian embassies. Both of the suspects were linked to a Greek leftist group.

The Deutsche Welle also reported that although there have been many bombs circulating around the capital of Greece, the bombs are said to not induce great harm to those who open them. But sources say that the letter bomb sent to Berlin was a "fast" explosive devise that caused burns.

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