Deadly snowfall hits across Europe

Heavy snowfall and freezing tempeartures continue to sweep across the eastern and central parts of Europe on Thursday.

According to the Guardian, heavy snow, freezing temperatures and high winds broke records to start off December. The winter conditions have stopped various transportation modes around Europe and have even caused several deaths. The Irish Times said that freezing temperatures and heavey snow have taken the lives of more than 30 people in central and eastern Europe.

The Guardian reported that temperatures in Poland dropped to below -26C, which caused eight deaths from exposure. There were other cold-related deaths on top of the eight deaths reported in Poland. The Irish Times said 18 people died in Poland as temperatures plummeted to -33C. Most of those who died were homeless men or those who had been drinking heavily.

The Guardian said hundreds of commuters were left stranded at train stations in Germany. Many had to sleep in train carriages because hotels had run out of room after many train trips were canceled. The Irish Times put this number up to thousands of Germans. Homeless people in Berlin were told to take shelter in subway stations, soup kitchens and buses.

According to the Guardian, three people died in car accidents in Germany and another number of people across central Europe had died because of the same thing. There were 400 miles of traffic jams in Berlin, Prague's airport was shut down, thousands of motorists were trapped in their cars in Brittany and Normany, and hundreds of homes in France were left without electricity. The Irish Times reported that 3,000 Polish prisoners have helped with clearing snow and around 20,000 Polish people were left without heat and light after a power statino broke down in Warsaw.

The Irish Times also reported that four people had died in the Czech Republic. However, Romania and Bulgaria experienced unseasonbly warm weather and recorded its hottest day in December.

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