Metrodome roof collapses Sunday

The roof ot the Metrodome, home of the Vikings, collapsed Sunday.

According to the Minnesota Daily, the roof collapsed early Sunday morning after the heavy snow fall over the weekend. It occured around 5 a.m. after work crews had been working to get snow off the roof were told to get off due to safey concerns. BBC News reported that no one was hurt, but that a strip of the roof had been left dangling above the field.

The Minnesota Daily said that experts who helped build the roof of the Metrodome are going to assess the situation and think of a timeline for fixing it. The roof has collapsed before in 1983. So far, the Vikings game scheduled for Monday will be relocated in Detroit.

BBC News reported that experts who built the roof are hoping to have it repaired in time for the next home Vikings game which is December 20.

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