St. Thomas student called hero after saving friends

A student from St. Thomas has been called a hero after saving his friends lives.

According to the Star Tribune, Michael Larson, a student of the University of St. Thomas, who was originally from Woodbury, died Saturday in a house fire near St. Thomas's campus. Larson's roommate Cameron Cochran, 20, said Larson had saved his life that night after he woke all the roommates up by screaming, "Fire! Fire!" KSTP reported that Cochran said Larson had been sleeping on the couch in the downstairs of the home. He told authorities that there were three other people who lived in the home as well.

KSTP said that the three people in the home were stuck on the second story of the home because of the heavy amount of smoke. The Star Tribune reported that the cause of the fire has not been determined but started just after 3 a.m. and had started around the porch.

The Star Tribune added that when Cochran heard Larson yelling, he opened his bedroom door and got blasted by heat and was covered in soot. Cochran is currently being treated for carbon monoxide inhalation at Regions Hospital. They found Larson's body in the basement. Cochran suspects he was in the basement because he was trying to get downstairs to warn another roommate who lives there that there was a fire. However, Cochran says that roommate was not home. But, an official says that Larson was found on the first floor.

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