Tuition hike approved in UK

The Britain government increased the tuition rate, Thursday, universities in the United Kingdom can administer to students

According to the Los Angeles Times, Britain's government voted on Thursday to triple the amount universities can charge students for tuition. This vote has been under a lot of scrutinty of late, and thousands of students have been protesting it with marches and sit-ins around the United Kingdom. The Washington Post said that protestors in London have even went as far as to attack a car containing Prince Charles over the tuition hike as well as fighting with police and smashing windows around London.

The Los Angeles Times reported that the vote on this issue was 323-302. The Conservative side have backed the rise in fees while the Liberals were split over the decision that contradicted one of their campaign promises. The Washington Post added that the tuition fee was raised to 9,000 pounds or $14,000. This was a crucial test for the government's plan to get rid of Britain's budget deficit. The Los Angeles Times reports the tuition fees will rise to $5,200 all the way to $14,200.

Some of the demonstrations, by upset protestors, have turned very ugly said the Los Angeles Times. Many protestors were seen throwing objects and fighting with the police. This led to several arrests and at least three officers being taken to the hospital. The Washington Post added that thousands of protestors were outside Parliament booing and chanting "shame" after they heard the result of the vote. They even pressed against metal barriers and police officers who were trying to pen them in. Some even threw flares, billiard balls, and paint bombs at the officers. Amongst this group, 13 protestors and eight police officers were injured, including seven who were arrested.

The Los Angeles Times reported that the Tory-led government said the new tuition increase was necessary as part of Britain's plan to cut billions of dollars in public spending. However, those against the vote say this neglects student from poor families to seek higher education. The Washington Post added that the vote put the Liberal Democrat party in a very awkward position because they promised they would not increase tuition.

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