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Metrodome roof collapses Sunday

The roof ot the Metrodome, home of the Vikings, collapsed Sunday.

According to the Minnesota Daily, the roof collapsed early Sunday morning after the heavy snow fall over the weekend. It occured around 5 a.m. after work crews had been working to get snow off the roof were told to get off due to safey concerns. BBC News reported that no one was hurt, but that a strip of the roof had been left dangling above the field.

The Minnesota Daily said that experts who helped build the roof of the Metrodome are going to assess the situation and think of a timeline for fixing it. The roof has collapsed before in 1983. So far, the Vikings game scheduled for Monday will be relocated in Detroit.

BBC News reported that experts who built the roof are hoping to have it repaired in time for the next home Vikings game which is December 20.

Two die in Minneapolis house fire

Two people died early Sunday morning in a house fire in South Minneapolis.

According to the Star Tribune, two people, one was the homeowner, were killed Sunday in a house fire. Firefighters tried to get as many people out as possible, after the first fire truck called to the scene got stuck in the snow. Fox 9 News said the fire truck got stuck only a half block away from the houes fire.

The Star Tribune said the victims were Mary France Rowe, 78, and a family member who authorities do not know the name of yet. Fox 9 News reported that fire crews had been dispatched to thouse around 1:31 a.m. on Sunday morning. The crews arrived to heavy smoke and fire billowing from the house.

The Star Tribune reported that the second engine came around 1:36 a.m. after the first first truck got stuck in the snow. When the engine arrived they found three adults on the porch roof. Fox 9 News said all three of the adults were taken to Hennepin County Medical Center, whose conditon is unknown at this time.

Snowstorm expected Friday and Saturday

Minnesota and Wisconsin are in a winter storm warning that will be put into effect starting Friday.

According to Fox 9 News, a winter storm warning has been put into effect for Friday and Saturday for most of Minnesota and parts of Wisconsin. The Pioneer Press reported that snow will begin in the Twin Cities late in the morning and early afternoon starting Friday.

Fox 9 News said the snow was supposed to continue through mid Saturday. The heaviest snow will be in Alexandria extending through Carver and Scott counties and into the Rochester area. The Pioneer Press added that about five to eight inches of snow is possible, with the heaviest snowfall in the southern Twin Cities and in the Albert Lea area.

Woman sets house on fire, stabs self

A woman set her house on fire Thursday morning and then stabbed herself in the chest, according to authorities.

According to the Star Tribune, a 49-year-old woman from Apple Valley set her house on fire while her husband was still inside. She then sat in a vehicle near her home and stabbed herself in the chest with a screwdriver. Kare 11 reported that the woman led authorities on a chase before she stabbed herself in the chest.

The Star Tribune said police were called to the home at 9:15 a.m. which caused the woman to flee the scene. Her vehicle was stopped in Eagan and she was taken to Regions Hospital where she was treated with stab wounds and burns. Kare 11 added that a neighbor called the police after the woman had poured gasoline inside her home and had been threatening to kill herself. When police arrived to the scene, they saw flames coming out of the back of the home and saw the woman locked inside her car stabbing herself with a screwdriver.

The Star Tribune reported that Eagan police officers put down spikes on Pilot Knob Road that eventually disabled the woman's car. Kare 11 added that when police officers approached the vehicle they saw the woman using a hammer to pound the screwdriver into her chest.

Kare 11 also reported that the woman's son was found dead inside her home on November 17. The death is still under investigation. The woman's husband fled to a neighbor's home after the fire started.

Janitor sentenced for taking photos in girls bathroom

A janitor was caught and sentenced Friday for photographing a 10-year-old girl in a bathroom stall.

According to the Star Tribune, Jason D. Kohlwey, 31, was sentenced for photographing a girl in a bathroom stall at a Burnsville private school. He was sentenced to four days in jail, 30 days of home monitoring, and up to eight years of probation. The Pioneer Press reported that Kohlwey was even taking photos of young girls around the age of five in the bathroom stalls.

The Star Tribune reported that Kohlwey pleaded guilty in August, and that a charge of child pornography posession and three counts of invasion of privacy were dismissed in a plea agreement. The Pioneer Press reported that if he had been convicted of child pornography he would have been sentenced to five more years in jail.

The Star Tribune said that investigation of Kohlwey started back in 2009 when a girl reported that man had put a camera under the divider of the stalls in the bathroom while she was using the toilet. The Pioneer Press added that the girl saw the janitor walk out of the bathroom before she entered it.

The Star Tribune said investigators found photographs of buttocks of young girls and several of them using the restroom.

Minneapolis-St. Paul airport closed

The Minneapolis-St. Paul airport was closed early Sunday.

According to Fox 9 News, the airport had to shut down due to ice from midnight to 5:00 a.m. KSTP said that the runways were shut down already late Saturday night because of ice.

Fox 9 News said that the airport was expecting freezing rain, but the ice came much earlier than expected. KSTP reported that at least one flight had to land in Duluth. One passenger on the plane said they had to wait two hours to actually land in the airport at Duluth.

Fox 9 News said that two of MSP's airports were opened again at 5:00 a.m. on Sunday, and all of them were re-opened by 10 a.m.

Man falls to death after fleeing police

A man falls to his death Saturday after fleeing police officers.

According to the Star Tribune, police had been called to Epic nightclub after a fight broke out outside around 2 a.m. When officers arrived, a man, who was thought to have started the fight, ran to a nearby parking ramp. Kare 11 added that the supsect ran out of the building, to a parking ramp, and then cleared the fence surrounding the parking ramp. He then jumped to the next barrier, misjudged the distance to the ground and "fell several stories" into the lot below.

The Star Tribune said the man was identified to be 29-year-old, Jason Yang, of St. Paul. He was pronounced dead at the scene when paramedics arrived with cause of death being multiple blunt force injuries. Kare 11 said police investigators are currently going over the case and five police officers involved have been given a paid three day leave due to traumatic circumstances.

Arson at St. Paul church

A St. Paul church was set on fire Friday night almost trapping a youth group inside.

According to the Star Tribune, an 18-year-old Maplewood man has been arrested on suspicion of arson. He has been accused of lighting the church of fire as well as slashing the tires of four vehicles in the church's parking lot. The Pioneer Press added the Maplewood man's name is Tou Chai Lee and he had been seen at the church by several witnesses.

The Pioneer Press reported that police do not know the motive behind why Lee set the church on fire, but reports say that Lee's ex-girlfriend was in the building when it was set on fire. The Star Tribune said that there were 18 people inside the church's basement attending a youth group when the heard the fire alarm go off around 8:30 p.m.

The Pioneer Press adds that no one was injured and there was minimal damage to the church.

Bloomington man shot and killed by police

A Bloomington man was shot and killed Thursday by a police officer.

According to the Star Tribune, Billie Noble Lobahanow, 50, of Bloomington confronted the police officer wielding knives in both of his hands. MPR News reported that the man's name was Bile Rooble, a Somalian immigrant in his 40s, was mentally ill. He was having a fight with his sister when she ran outside and he followed with two knives.

The Star Tribune reported that Lobahanow was killed from multiple gunshot wounds. MPR News added that after police officers had arrived they found a man who had been stabbed. They demanded for Rooble to drop the knives but after he refused the police officer shot him.

The Star Tribune said that police officers arrived at the scene around 2:40 p.m. after reports of domestic assault between Lobahanow and his sister. The caretaker, who had tried to intervene between the two, had been stabbed the officers reported. MPR News reported that a spokesman for the Rooble family believe the officer could have taken other steps. However, Bloomington Police Commander Mark Stehlik said the officers had few other options because Rooble posed a threat to them.

Teenager dies at water park

A teenager was found dead Saturday in an indoor water park.

According to KSTP, a 17-year-old boy, Youtee Pour, from Champlin was found at the bottom of a water slide at Brooklyn Park's indoor water park. The Star Tribune said the Hennepin County Sheriff's Department and Fire Department reported to the Grand Rios Ramada Hotel around 5 p.m. after a possible drowning. Pour was pulled from the bottom of the water slide where CPR was adminstered.

KSTP reported that Pour was taken to North Memorial Medical where he died. Investigators are currently looking into the accident to try to figure out his cause of death.

The Star Tribune reported that the water park is one of the biggest in the Midwest.

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