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VG Staff Update: Meddling With Moodle/Current News and Events

Hi, everyone

Spent some time with Aleta yesterday catching up with the Moodle. It
will take a few days for the system to send us an email saying we have
an account. In the meantime, I'm doing a demo to get more familiar
with how our Moodle might be managed. If anyone has ideas about how
to best organize the files, send a message otherwise I'll just look at
what we want filed virtually and make up some categories. Since the
Moodle is a kind of test file that we may discard later, I won't worry
so much about specifics.

What other kinds of the Current News and Events idea, might we want to
post in that area? Are there other people going to conferences/events
that could send us information that we could quickly glean and post on
the site? AP-style news bits are super easy to write, they're just
names, dates and information and can be gleaned from just about
anywhere. In a world where people are constantly piped electronic
news, updates about artists generally come secondhand or by word of
mouth. Maybe this is another direction in which the site could go to
attract new audiences and sources of funding.



Sorry for accidentally deleting this post!

Better blog content (seems like part of what you're talking about) on the public site would be great. So far, I've just thrown up some pretty generic things just to have up fresh content.

I also thought we might solicit guest/student bloggers--?