March 24, 2008

Anyone else run across/wondering:

*Run across bios that are fused together: top half is one author, bottom half another?
*How much leeway in editing things like, "emotion and sincerity in her writing, traits that are uniquely American"?
*How much time do we want to spend fixing/copyediting the pages as we get them ready for the switchover?

February 20, 2008

Open links in new page?

A few of the links are set to open in a new window. Most are set to open in the same window.

Should we make a ruling? I know, nit-picky, but...

February 14, 2008

Successes and Failures in "Edited to be Coded"s...Maybe Dieter Issue?

From the pile I grabbed, the bios went up OK.


  • Pearl Cleage is up (was up in some form)
  • Pamela Mordecai is up (was up in some form)
  • Azar Nafisi is up
  • Kamala Markandaya is up

Then I had two for the "critique" area--one poetry review and one fiction review. They're coded and saved, and I tried to publish. But I keep getting a server error. I'd do a screenshot of the error for Dieter, but I'm not very Mac-savvy. Don't know how to do a screenshot. But if anyone goes into either of the two critiques below, and tries to "publish," they should get the same error. Or it should be magically solved, which would be good with me.

critique - poetry review

  • "Coal to Diamonds..."

critique - book review

  • Pearl Cleage's Deals with the Devil

As a side note, I don't have contributor notes for all the authors. I can try to look them up on OneStop and email 'em....