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Group #1

I think this project was very well intentioned. However, there seems to be a disconnect from its title and its contents.

With a title like 'Local Materials', one would a assume that the information would be based on the use of local materials in architecture. But the first section was all about saving energy and conserving water. Then we moved on to talk about green roofs. The third section of this presentation did a good job of explaining a few methods of how local materials can be used to contruct buildings, but I'm not sure how practical these techniques would be on a more global scale. The project ended by talking about the use of bamboo, which is really only grown in certain parts of the world. Not really local.

All of the information presented was factual and valid, but I think the title should have been something like "Sustainable Building Techniques" or "Redusing the Environmental Impact of Our Buildings". If this project were to stay on the topic of local materials, looking at some case studies would have been helpful. For example, the Aldo Leopold Legacy Center in Wisconsin used the trees on its own site, some of which were planted by Leopold himself, to frame the buildings. This is something that seems a little more realistic than building a cob house. Many LEED certified buildings are built with materials in their local area.

Each member of the group seemed to have good knowledge of the subject matter, and presented well. Besides the title/content mismatch, this was a good presentation.