May 21, 2005

Just Saying No

"The feeling of the people is that we want to say no to what exists to prove that we exist." German Member of European Parliament Daniel Cohn-Bendit

The urge to say no in order to validate your existence. Sounds odd, but its happening in Europe right now with the impending referrenda for the European constitution. As on Dutch woman said, "I just feel good saying no for once."
And the same is happening in France, where people are upset about a myriad of social and economic concerns not related to the European Constitution and they are expressing their anger by saying "non" to the EU.

To me, that's a very interesting concept, that one could cast your vote as a protest vote, but at the same time knowing you are possibly harming the greater Union.
But on another level, I can completely relate to the human need to exert some independance, especially by saying no.

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May 19, 2005

Break Time

This is my week off between finals week and the start of May Session and my summer session French class, which overlaps onto May session. So, my break is almost exactly one week, since my last final for Spring was Saturday at 8am. And so all I have been doing is compulsively reloading the grades page waiting for that last class' grade to post. Isn't there some sort of 72 hour rule about posting grades after the exam? I may want to explore Regent's and Senate policies. But even if I find that rule, what would I do about it? Sadly, I gave up being a CLA Senator years ago. But there is still that dream of being a Regent. (Maybe I always wanted the title of Honorable in front of my name.)
So, I dreamed that this week would be sunny and warm, in which case I could enjoy the outdoors and read while enjoying the sun. But instead it has been raining and crappy all week. And I have been spending too much time at work, and its been sucking all my energy away. That and I have been getting over some sort of spontaneous cold, where I was sick for about one day and now I have the week long lingering cough, which at times make me seem like I've got the consumption.

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So this is my first entry into this newfangled blogging technology. I figured that since I have been reading so many of my long-lost friends' blogs and enjoying their entries, I might venture into this world.

But still I have reservations: is my life that interesting? will I even write everyday? or often? what will I say?

So here is my test site and I'll see how it goes.

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