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I want to start off by talking about the headings of the website I have chosen to use for the final project. The headings read: Home, Products and Services, Frequently Asked Questions, News, Contact Us, and Client Inquiry. These headings, or tabs rather, are seen straight across the top of the website. They are white text with a red background, which as we learned is common for headings. When you click on the heading, new information appears for each. So, it would seem as if this website is off to a good start. However, once you look at the information and graphics provided on each tab, you might see where the website needs some work.

Under most of the headings, you will find content that is presented in paragraph style. As Redish discusses, there is a type of writing style that one would need to use for an effective website; however, this paragraph style just isn't it. There are no links to continue forward looking through the website. Also, the graphics are simple, slightly irrelevant, and out of date.

Another thing that needs to be updated, as I described actually in an earlier blog, is the news portion of the site. The latest news portion seen on the site is from 2007, even though there has been a lot of current news out there for this company. Also, the copyright on the bottom of the page reads 2007 as well, even though this website is the current usable website for the company.

There are a lot of things I would change about this website, and I am eager to dig deeper into the project.

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Hi Angela,

You have two good places to start for this project: the paragraph text and also the "news" section. For your revision, you might zero in on a couple of paragraphs and try to revise/shorten them for easier reading. It sounds like you think the headings are in OK shape. Regarding the news portion of the site, would you be able to generate something more current? Is that what you are thinking? If so, that seems like a good idea. I'm not sure if I've spoken to you yet about Google sites, but I think that will take care of the confidentiality issue you had raised last time. You can create a google site so that it is private and only accessible to those you allow (you could set it up so that only people in the class could see it, or that only I could see it). We can discuss further in class!

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