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Analysis Blog on Records


In this paragraph: Hidden in Mississippi's real estate law book is language about illegal drug activity that affects the "physical or environmental condition of the property." But not even on the disclosure form that sellers and buyers use, does the law say meth or any other drug activity 'must' be disclosed.

I found the reporting interesting. They really dug deep to find out what the Mississippi real estate law book says about meth and housing. It's interesting that they don't have to say if there was meth in the house before. The reporter found a lot of information to make this story possible and researchable.

The reporter did a lot of good outside reporting by visiting the houses and talking to people about their houses and the history of their house and whether they knew or not if it there was a meth lab used in their house.

The reporter needed to know how to find the research and know where to find this information. I think he did a good job with his research and analyzing all of his information to make a good story.