May 8, 2008

Thoughts on MDG Presentation- Goal 6 Combating HIV/Aids

The area of focus was spot on, South Africa. It is well known that there is a mejor HIV/AIDS crisis in Southa Africa. Some of the statistics were still shocking, of the 33.2 million people in the world with AIDS 5.5 million are from South Africa, a country with only 44 million people.

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Thoughts on MDG Presentation: Goal 4 Reduce Child Mortality

I thought that it was a great idea for this group to focus on Cambodia. Some of the sttistics were shocking, half the children are malnourished, 58 out of 1000 children will die before the age of five. This area clearly has a problem with the child mortality rate, so this was a perfect area to focus on.

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April 4, 2008

The Page Where I Place the Title

Hmmm.... what could I create for an interesting title page... well let's find out.

Idea number 1....

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March 13, 2008

So many ways to present....

Well there are so many ways to make a presentation I'm not really sure which way I would like to present. So I'm going to list as many as I can think of and look a little bit closer at those.

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March 7, 2008

The Building Effect

Since I grew up on a farm I'll use this as the main example of how the built environment has affected me.


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February 29, 2008

A Boundless Life

If I were free from the constraints of the "architecture school" I would experience. I would experience different cultures, I would experience different activities, I would experience different festivals, I would experience different types of music, I would experience things I can't even think of experiencing right now. Without the bounds of the "architecture school" I would learn by doing and going all over the place.

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February 22, 2008

My Own Views, Through the Words of Others

Of the many choices for the Millenium Development Goals I decided to focus this weeks entry on Achieving Universal Primary Education. Can we achieve this goal? Why use my own words when I can use images and other people's words to describe my views on this goal.


These images show how the achieving of this goal is typically seen. Kids in far off countries happily learning. These pictures show a good start of how Universal Primary Education is being achieved.


Because everyone no matter what they look like deserve a basic education.


We want to keep all children motivated and learning, not just the one's from far off countries.


And we don't want this to happen.

"He who opens a school door, closes a prison."
-Victor Hugo

"Education is a better safeguard of liberty than a standing army."
-Edward Everett

"A Mind is a Terrible Thing To Waste"
-United Negro College Fund slogan

(I think these quotes pretty much explain themself)

This short playlist I created I feel describes both the process and result of achieving this goal. The reasons for each song are:
ABC by The Jackson 5- because it's simple, "you and me" need to help others learn "ABC" and "123"
Lie To Me by Jonny Lang- we need to stop lying to ourselves, saying everything is alright when dealing with education.
Get It Like You Like It by Ben Harper- you have to take things into your own hands to get it like you like it, universal primary education.
Somwhere Over the Rainbow by Me First and the Gimme Gimmes- somewhere in the future we will "make this dream come true"
Tomorrow by Me First and the Gimme Gimmes- because tomorrow achieving universal primary education will be a reality.

These images, quotes, and songs show better than I could myself why we need to achieve universal priamary education. It also explains a couple ways how we should go about achieving this goal. And it shows what will happen once this goal is reached.

February 15, 2008

The Panhandling Problem

When first given the assignment to advocate a social issue here in the Twin Cities I didn't really have any idea what to write it on (since I'm not from the area and grew up in a small town). So I figured I would look around in the newspaper to see what some major social issues are here. However when I looked in the newspaper all I found were articles about murder and national politics (and other depressing issues like those). So I asked a friend of mine who has lived here his whole life and he suggested something that jumped out at me that I didn't really even think of, panhandling.

You see these people all over the place, they have signs with reasons to feel sorry for them and give them money. Now I know many of these people have just caught a couple really bad breaks to end up begging for money, but I still don't think that these people should ask for my hard earned money while I'm driving off 35W or anywhere for that matter. I know the laws say that they aren't supposed to be doing this within so many feet of various places or after dark and so on. But these laws are apparently being used as just guidlines since I've seen a few times people panhandling right on the street corner where many people are forced to turn off and stop at the light.

Right about now you may be thinking: "How is this a design issue?" (and not just a rant on how a college student doesn't want to be asked for money) Well the way this becomes a design issue is with the wording of the laws: Within 10 feet in any direction from a crosswalk; On any park land, playground or public entertainment venue, including within 50 feet of entry or exits. A small simple solution could be used to enforce these specific limits. A small crack (similar to a crack in the sidewalk) or a thin line to denote where the panhandling area starts and where it is prohibited. Also there are some other things that could be used to help, the blue light emergency signal pole that we see on campus could also be used accross the city (if it isn't already- I honestly haven't really payed that close attention) for when a panhandler is pressuring someone too much and they feel uncomfortable.

So in this way it is a design issue outside the signs they use.


A little humor in this one


February 8, 2008

The Recycle Flow


Andy Goldsworthy talked about the energy, flow, and transformation of particles. In one scene, he broke down the iron ore and threw the particles into the water. After that he talked about the flow of the river taking the particles away, where they would later become solid rocks again.

Similarly in the city the act, or flow, of recycling is this way. The recycling starts as small particles in recycling bins on the street or in homes that were tossed out by someone. These particles get taken away by the flow of the recycling vehicle. These recycled particles slowly grow in the recycling plant where the particles join with others. Through a long, long, long process both the ore rocks form and the recycled materials get shaped into what they were before or something completely new.


Along the way in the processes both the iron and the recycled materials have similar appearances in similar stages. At first they get broken down and look like junk. Next they get tuned into liquid and look neat for a little while, until they either disappear or turn into a basic material. Next they start to take their form and look like something worthwhile again. This in itself is a flow and transformation of the raw materials coming together and creating.

These two similar processes appear in nature and the city, probably because humans learn from nature or something like that. If we learn how nature works by itself we can become more efficient and live in harmony with the city and nature.