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Thoughts on MDG Presentation: Goal 4 Reduce Child Mortality

I thought that it was a great idea for this group to focus on Cambodia. Some of the sttistics were shocking, half the children are malnourished, 58 out of 1000 children will die before the age of five. This area clearly has a problem with the child mortality rate, so this was a perfect area to focus on.

I thought their idea to focus on corporation was a good idea. With the organization they found (I can't remember the name) it seemed they are doing a pretty good job for a start. I think it's great that this organization uses the local citizens to help teach parents how to raise their children to be healthy. I also like how it is a grassroots style of addressing the problem, this way the deal directly with the mothers of young children.

However some things that are not great about this organization are: the organization works with the Cambodian government and is sustainable to coruption and not using all the funds given to them for their purpose of reducing child mortality, also because it works through the government of Cambodia the true effectiveness of their methods are unknown.

I think the group did a great job at describing the problem at hand and the indicators of this goal. I think their focus on the corporation was great because the corporation has tried to help reduce child mortality. I think this is a good start for the organization by teaching the mothers to raise healthy children. Yet I still think it is a long way to go before the child mortality rate drops to acceptable numbers because of the poor water conditions many suffer.