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The above is a link to the European Commission Eurostat statistics vendor. Eurostat collects and publishes data from the European Union (EU) to provide important statistics to other countries and continents. One of their main goals is to stay up to date on societal information related to the economy, the environment, the job market, and more. They believe that by providing the statistical data on these important issues, countries will be able to understand each other better and therefore be able to communicate on more effective and peaceful terms.

I like how they are very open and clear about everything that they do as a service. For example, they list the specific research goals that they hold as a company and the research methods that they use. Another great example of their progressive style is that they have PDF files in clear view on their webpage that list their goals more specifically and access to a legal notice about using their services. If more companies were as transparent as Eurostat, the public would have a better trust in big businesses than it currently does.

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