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On the Bureau of Labor Statistics website, they had an overview of their ongoing Current Population Survey (CPS). This survey is something that they gather and report from each month to stay up to date on employment rates and demographics. Then they report the most important findings on their own government website in graphs, statistical lists, and PDF files. As a clarifying point, this is a monthly survey, not a census because this is not the government collecting data from every U.S. citizen. One of the nice features of this website is that it keeps track of all of its historical data and then labels those statistics with a little dinosaur. A good addition to this website would be a dictionary. Since this is the government providing information to its people, it is important that the people understand what all the terms mean. It would be a friendly gesture that the government wishes to keep the public educated and not keep all of the knowledge to itself, especially since it is already reporting the data for the public use.

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