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Another example of an infographic, the Social Biz Buzz presents the findings of social media users and their uses and age groups as gathered by a social media moderator, Community 102. The infographic creatively draws a picture for businesses looking to optimize their social media sites as to which age groups use which sites and what they do while on those sites. This would be interesting information, but I felt that the statistics reported were generally common knowledge, such as the fact that was reported that younger users swear a lot more often in their social media usage than older users.

What would have made this infographic presentation of statistics even better, would have been to see a true, significant insight into the social media users. To do this, as Martin Horn, DDB describes in his article, "Research With Legs," the researchers should have started with a more defined question and worked backwards through their research in order to achieve a true insight into their participants. Once this insight was gained, then I think that the creative presentation through an infographic would have been really valuable to the businesses going to Community 102 and the Social Biz Buzz in order to improve their social media usage. While the intention of this infographic was good, the reality is that the statistics reported were not groundbreaking and therefore not useful.

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