October 17, 2005

Formal Voice

The topic of discussion this week in Basic Writing is methods we should follow when developing a formal voice in our writing. It is necessary for students to learn how to speak and write in a manner that is fitting in the academic community. You are still able to be yourself in your writing though but to a certain extent. In writing, you must be careful, trying to avoid unnecessary sentences that tend to be a distraction from the topic at hand. Also, you should try to avoid using contractions and the use of inappropriate language. When writing, do not write as though you are speaking because it is more than likely that the use of contractions and slang would occur, which may be confusing to readers. Don't be too general when you are in the process of describing something. Instead of using really plain words such as the word "good" to describe how someone appears, you could use more descriptive words like "beautiful" or "stunning." If your writing requires the use of evidence, you should search for solid evidence and fit it in with the topic. All of the above should be considered when writing because such methods develop a formal voice in your writing.

at October 17, 2005 5:30 PM