December 5, 2006

Blog Prompt 8: Gershenfeld & Khan comparison.

For Blog Prompt 8 we were to compare the writings of Gershenfeld and Khan. In the Gershenfeld article he talks about his class "how to build almost anthing". He talks about how the kids are more motivated by the desire to make things they actually want as opposed to things that dont exist. For this class at MIT they have a joke saying that they can only graduate when their thesis can walk out of the printer. I find this most intreguing. He addresses how the world has become dependant on technology even into its most remote parts. Promoting kids in science should be done by giving them the means to do so and not by inflicting information upon them. He feels that this technology will inspire people to start creating their own technological futures.

On the other hand in the Khan article he talks about architecture and natural light. He says that "architecture with out presence exists as a realization of sprit." He thinks that no space can be built w/o the concideration of natural light and that structure is the maker of light. The one thing that he talks about that is similar to Gershenfeld was creating a unorthodox university. This university would be for the people with out one set program. The entire space has to be based off of the desire by the collective to learn, in their own special way. Similar to the class at MIT. "because man doesnt really learn anything that's not part of himself."

November 27, 2006

Blog Prompt 7: Technopolies and technology as orders of nature.

.According to Postman, society is classified as/into three categories: tool using, technocracy, and technopoly. Tool using is pretty self explanitory it is something that is introduced to a culture that fits but doesnt improve those livings well being. For this example i chose the old time version of the grind stone where early tribal familys would gring their corn into flour. Technocracy is a society where the introduced tool is central to everyday thought. For this example i chose the printing press. This invention changed how people of this country and arround the world viewed religion, because now with this machine copies of the bible could be made and distributed increasing the ability for the people to worship from home instead of traveling to church. In a technopoly, which we are concerned with mostly for this entry is a situation where society is driven by technology. For this example i chose the cell phone. Everywhere you turn there is someone on the phone making this a far less personable society and making overall life more dependant on these technologies and overall becoming more efficient and fast paced. Here are my pictures for these examples they all show a progression in life of a more advanced and technological dependent world.




November 6, 2006

Blog Prompt 6: Design & Mathematics

For Blog Prompt 6 we were to find and document an example of design and mathematics. For this example i chose the transition that has been made from straight to sidecut skis. Sidecut can be chosen by assuming that the sidecut radius of a ski is a design feature found by assuming the ski edge is an arc of a circle and finding the radius of that circle. There is a geometric equation that proves this but i wont go into the exact mathematics here.


Overall the radus of a turn is different and it varies as the turn is being initiated with the edge angle being used by the skier and with the amount of reverse camber in the ski during the turn when it is being pressed into the snow. With this new introduction of mathematics This introduction has lead to racers becoming faster and beginers learning faster than they ever could have in the past. This is a great example of how math/technology has improved something by design alone.


October 23, 2006

Blog Prompt 5: Oppositions

Observe and document some oppositions and their possible resouloutions arround you.....

In class the Ozayr talked about six oppositions...however while providing examples they mostly only refered to architecture...this is important however for this exercise I am going to try and relate these oppositions on more of a simplistic and close to home level.

Man and Physical Nature:
For this opposition I thought of fishing. For decades man has resorted to fishing as a means of supplying himself with food. This however is not an easy task and takes some time and skil to learn efficiently. With this however even the most experienced fisherman can have days when he catches nothing, it is a constant battle against nature.

Climate and Enclosure:
For this oppostition I thought of the conservatory at Como Zoo. Here no matter what time of the year the climate on the interior is kept constant to preserve the various species of plants, even if it is 20 below outside. This climate is controlled by various methods of heat and air exchange.

Gravity and Movement:
The ability to place elevators in buildings that are multiple stories high is someting amazing to me. The equipment is needed to be able to counteract the fources of gravity and propel the car and the cargo insde off the earth. This opposition has been beat due to engineering and other scientific technologies.

Permanence and Entropy:
One of the things that came to mind when I was thinking of this opposition was a money machine. The kind on gameshows that contestants step into, the wind starts up, and they have to catch the flying money. Entropy is defined as a disorder or randomness in a closed system. Here the money flying would be the random in a closed system of the sealed box. The way to control this is to turn the air on or off.

Mass and Form:
I think that an example of this opposition would be the sculpture outside by Fowell Hall. It is a huge metal bulk, that has no real purpose other than decoration. It can and could be moved only by the use of heavy equipment.

Materials and Tools:
"With my own hands" The example i though of for this opposition was the baskets that the Amish people make. These materials for the baskets are acted upon by tools (their hands) and moulded into the products that are beautiful baskets. Without their hands they would be unable to make their wares and would not make profit by these means.

October 9, 2006

Blog Prompt 4: Phenomenon

sink hole.jpg

For blog 4 we were to find and document a phenomenon. My phenomenon that I chose was the sinkhole. Sinkholes are caused by the upward motion and errosion of an aquefier from the interior. The water movement slowly wears away the ground soil untill there forms somewhat of a underground arch. when the arch spans to far the sinkhole is then formed when the ground above spontaneously collapses. The sinkholes form all over the world in places where the bedrock has some cracking and the water is in this constant upward motion. Sinkholes are an example of phenomena beacuse they are things, have a framework and clockworks. The framework of such an event is the rock and the composition of the soil arround it. Also the constant flow of watter from the interior. The clockwork of sinkhole is the time that the water starts to erode away the area till the time the hole collapses. This system is in constant motion in places all over the world. Sometimes the hole can be filled but will in time with most certainty collapse again, hence fullfilling the cycle of the clockwork. This is somewhat of a dangerous event, for example in southern minnesota farmers have lost entire combines into these holes since they happen without warning.

October 2, 2006

Blog Prompt 3: Genus Loci


For Blog 3 we were to choose a place that we find meaningful, and describe its genus loci. For this exercise i chose Whistler Mountain. Whistler is a ski hill north of Vancouver in BC, Canada. This is one of my most favorite places to be. I love skiing and this mountain has some of the best terrain and scenery in North America. From the top, you can see for miles. From the summit you look down and you can see the tree line thousands of feet below. Above, depending on the day the sky is filled with puffy white clouds against a blue sky or grey clouds and snowing. The only protection from the elements here is the main chalet called the Roundhouse, from which on a clear day you can see for miles. It is a place i feel at home like no other. Flying down the hill gives you a sence of freedom that i cannot find anywhere else. The mountains grand size puts everything into perspective and makes you really evaluate feelings about your life. The people are friendly and come from a variety of cultures, which makes this place a very good experience. The comaradrie cannot be better, people come here for one thing, the love of skiing and the mountains, it makes for one great party :)

September 26, 2006

Blog Prompt 2: Social Issues and Advocacy

For this weeks blog project we were to choose a social issue, document it, and become an advocate for it. I have thought for a few days about what I would write about, and have finally come to a decision. I have decided that I was going to write about the issue of homelessness in Minnesota, however, after further thought I have decided that I cannot possibly write about just one social issue. As with all things in life one issue is tied to many more. With social issues this is no less true. Take for example, homelessness. If you are homeless you most likely suffer from unemployment and often alcoholism, if you suffer from unemployment you most likely suffer from lack of adequate nutrition..etc...etc. There are so many social issues that effect this world that you can not possibly become an advocate for one without becoming one for the other. This is why I say it is impossible for me to choose one, because either way, in discussion it would lead to another. Treatment, shelters, meal plans, government funding... the list goes on of what could be done in part. Yes, these are all problems that need to be adressed, but what needs to be done is one needs to find a way to work on them all as one single problem to increase the good it could do for the people of this country and the world.

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September 19, 2006

Blog Prompt 1 : Energy @ Midtown Market

Midtown Market- Lake and Chicago

appartment 1.jpg
A picture I took from the parking lot.

The midtown market on lake and Chicago is a great place to go visit. The atmosphere is that of a friendly yet also festive outdoor market. The overall energy of the space is highly positive and flows throughout the market from many different places.

From the exterior there is a flow of culture from many of the surrounding neighborhoods. The market is filled with a cultural array of Latino, Indian, Asian, Tibetan, African, Greek, Scandinavian, Italian and many other cultures. These people are all brought together from the fact that the market is located in a very centralized spot, surrounded by many major roads and freeways (as marked by green lines, picture below). From all these places the overall energy of the market is moved to the interior.

Once inside, the market is bustling with energy. The overall welcoming atmosphere is heightened by small touches including open public places where one can sit and eat a variety of available ethnic foods, or just play a friendly game of chess on one of the provided tables. The space is a feel good spot and is frequented by many different types of people. While I was there I saw businessmen on their lunch breaks, mothers with children, elderly shopping for groceries, and everyone in between. Because the market provides a variety of products, there is literally something for everyone. These products include in short; pottery, food, clothing, plants, fruit, quinci┼łera supplies, jewelry, prints, spices, soap, massages, flowers, and many other things. While I was there I supported one of the local Latino vendors and bought some tamales to take home and they were excellent!

The market is a great place to go visit, and is one of few places in the city that you can find that many cultures all together in one place. You get a good vibe from the minute you walk in and whether you go there to buy something or just to look around, you leave feeling really good about your visit.


September 13, 2006

Hi Everybody!!!

So this is my test to see if this thing is working right ;) This pic is of Horseshoe Bay in Vancouver, BC...