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Blog Prompt 5: Oppositions

Observe and document some oppositions and their possible resouloutions arround you.....

In class the Ozayr talked about six oppositions...however while providing examples they mostly only refered to architecture...this is important however for this exercise I am going to try and relate these oppositions on more of a simplistic and close to home level.

Man and Physical Nature:
For this opposition I thought of fishing. For decades man has resorted to fishing as a means of supplying himself with food. This however is not an easy task and takes some time and skil to learn efficiently. With this however even the most experienced fisherman can have days when he catches nothing, it is a constant battle against nature.

Climate and Enclosure:
For this oppostition I thought of the conservatory at Como Zoo. Here no matter what time of the year the climate on the interior is kept constant to preserve the various species of plants, even if it is 20 below outside. This climate is controlled by various methods of heat and air exchange.

Gravity and Movement:
The ability to place elevators in buildings that are multiple stories high is someting amazing to me. The equipment is needed to be able to counteract the fources of gravity and propel the car and the cargo insde off the earth. This opposition has been beat due to engineering and other scientific technologies.

Permanence and Entropy:
One of the things that came to mind when I was thinking of this opposition was a money machine. The kind on gameshows that contestants step into, the wind starts up, and they have to catch the flying money. Entropy is defined as a disorder or randomness in a closed system. Here the money flying would be the random in a closed system of the sealed box. The way to control this is to turn the air on or off.

Mass and Form:
I think that an example of this opposition would be the sculpture outside by Fowell Hall. It is a huge metal bulk, that has no real purpose other than decoration. It can and could be moved only by the use of heavy equipment.

Materials and Tools:
"With my own hands" The example i though of for this opposition was the baskets that the Amish people make. These materials for the baskets are acted upon by tools (their hands) and moulded into the products that are beautiful baskets. Without their hands they would be unable to make their wares and would not make profit by these means.