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Blog Prompt 7: Technopolies and technology as orders of nature.

.According to Postman, society is classified as/into three categories: tool using, technocracy, and technopoly. Tool using is pretty self explanitory it is something that is introduced to a culture that fits but doesnt improve those livings well being. For this example i chose the old time version of the grind stone where early tribal familys would gring their corn into flour. Technocracy is a society where the introduced tool is central to everyday thought. For this example i chose the printing press. This invention changed how people of this country and arround the world viewed religion, because now with this machine copies of the bible could be made and distributed increasing the ability for the people to worship from home instead of traveling to church. In a technopoly, which we are concerned with mostly for this entry is a situation where society is driven by technology. For this example i chose the cell phone. Everywhere you turn there is someone on the phone making this a far less personable society and making overall life more dependant on these technologies and overall becoming more efficient and fast paced. Here are my pictures for these examples they all show a progression in life of a more advanced and technological dependent world.