May 5, 2008

Blog Prompt number 8 and number 9 - We're all only Humans

Online Videos by
Only Human by K(a korean singer who also sings in Japanese)
Please enjoy this music as you look at my blog. This is my last blog and I wanted to share a part of what is to me to be very meaningful in my life, music. :) It inspires people and as well as defining each and eveyone's individual taste in music. It was fun meeting everyone in ARCH 1701. The Korean has a saying about meeting people that you have met recently and have met before. They have said that the people you meet now or have met, you and your fellow passerbys have been trying for thousands of years to meet each other over and over again until you meet each other again. :)
-Jahia Vue

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April 8, 2008


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March 11, 2008

I serve the Community of Minneapolis

I volunteer at Edison High School in the College and Career Center aka CCC.


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Blog prompt #6

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March 5, 2008

I am what I eat, that explains my good taste =)

This past summer I went back to Laos. Here's a description of what I saw when I was arriving there.
"The small airplane was humming loudly, and I noticed out of the window that the clouds were starting to clear and that the brown murky water of the Mekong River was becoming a brighter shade of brown. The features of my family’s homeland were becoming more distinguishable with every second that pass as I sat in the small boisterous plane. The digital clock on the plane read 3:42 p.m.; we were about ten minutes away from a land that I only heard about in my bedtime stories, Laos. I could see the bomb craters that scarred the land which were left behind by the gruesome battles during the Vietnam War. As I sat in the plane, I thought to myself that war and mass killing is a reason why any being would relocate into a different environment. My people left and spread all over the world in searching for a place to call home and here I was, sitting on a plane, heading back to visit the broken dreams and painful memories. "

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March 3, 2008

In the Ghettos..


First off, I'm practically new to the twin cities here. I don't even now what social issues they have going around. I've been living in my apartment around campus here for about only a few months. I'm still a newb around these parts. From what I know I've seen just a lot of cars and buses and people on bicycles and busy people and people walking by and professors and college students and thats pretty much about it. I have not seen much of the community of twin cities and yes I figured I do need to get out more but as of right now its too cold in the twin cities. SO HOW THE HECK AM I SUPPOSE TO DO THIS BLOG?! $#*$#

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The power within my hands

If I were completely released from the constraints of "architecture school" I know for one fact that I'll like to do something out of the ordinary. Like you'll have two plain buildings standing there and all of sudden there's this structure or crazy building leaning with windows and doors randomly placed all over the building right in between those two plain buildings. That'll have people driving by raising their eye brows thinking what the heck was the designer thinking or was she/he even thinking and CRASH BURN(CAR ACCIDENT) (LAUGH OUT LOUD). That'll be a funny idea but yet crazy thing to do.

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Faces of AIDS around the world


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February 5, 2008

The Idea of Energy, flow and transformation of a City.

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A city is an urban settlement with so much diversity, energy, beauty, and life all combine into one specific location.
At the beginning of most projects, such as constructing a house, there is a blue print or a plan. Every city must have been fully planned out in order for it to become what it is to this day. Cities can range in all sizes and culture.
Whether you live in Asia, the Americas, Europe, or whatever continent it is, within each city there's life.

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