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In the Ghettos..


First off, I'm practically new to the twin cities here. I don't even now what social issues they have going around. I've been living in my apartment around campus here for about only a few months. I'm still a newb around these parts. From what I know I've seen just a lot of cars and buses and people on bicycles and busy people and people walking by and professors and college students and thats pretty much about it. I have not seen much of the community of twin cities and yes I figured I do need to get out more but as of right now its too cold in the twin cities. SO HOW THE HECK AM I SUPPOSE TO DO THIS BLOG?! $#*$#

Anyways I'll give a shot at what I think this blog should be like. This has been on my mind for days or I mean when this blog prompt was given in class the other day. Hrm a social design issue of the twin cities? Let me think about this. When I think of "social design" or "social issue" an image of the ghettos and frogtown keep on popping up in my mind. It makes me want to say something about those areas of the twin cities. Its social and it is an issue and it involves with designing.

I came from a small city in central Wisconsin where practically the only minorities are my family and I. White people would stare at us as we walk in and eat at restaurants. It gives me the creeps when people stare at me eat especially if its people that you don't know. Here, I find it so diverse and so much more friendlier, well duh it's the cities. My hometown has no ghetto parts to it. I find students at my high school trying to act "ghetto" quite amusing. I mean they want to express their individuality or they want to become the "NEXT WHITE RAPPER" I understand that but in Stevens Point? Come on you gotta be kidding me. Stevens Point is not ghetto I repeat "NOT GHETTO". Just so you know the term ghetto means "a section of a city, esp. a thickly populated slum area, inhabited predominantly by members of an ethnic or other minority group, often as a result of social or economic restrictions, pressures, or hardships." As found from dictionary.com.


There are several reasons why ghettos of the twin cities , this specific segregated concentrated area of poverty, are a social design issue. Before we look into their living environment we have to start at the source of all basic knowledge, "school". As I was reading in one of the articles that I found online, it states that schools are the first victim and a powerful for key to the division of this social group in the twin cities from the middle class. Before the neighborhood becomes poor, the schools first becomes socioeconomically afflicted or distressed and then it affects the people and their life basically goes down the drain.

So why is it a social design issue? That my friends is a good question. If the designers shaped the neighborhood and the school to be like that, why can't they help design it and make the school system better? Are they afraid of helping them? I mean there are a lot of crimes around those parts of the city but not everyone dwelling there are bad people. Looking back to the film about katrina, it seems somewhat related to how the government designed the levees around the the lower classes neighborhood of New Orleans. It seems like the government does not spend as much money and effort in those areas of the twin cites as well. That's totally bull. If they were to spend that much effort in those areas, what would they get in return from the ghettos? I find the government to be somewhat prejudice. I mean thinking back to the katrina issue. Most of them were from poor neighborhood. So whoever says that the ghettos of the twins are not a social design issue, I'LL challenge you that it is.

Photobucket Inner City ghetto of Minneapolis. Patrick adds the humor to most things.

PhotobucketUnder a bridge in St. Paul

Photobucket so call “White trashin it up� 1. A milking goat 2. A pile of spare tires 3. A hen’s nest

Photobucket This is a train-set ghetto neighborhood. The artist shows a great display of reality in his/her work.

Photobucket Graffiti is found almost anywhere in the city.


www.dictionary.com (type in ghetto in the search box)


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