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In the reading Hall talks about how dominant codes messages are able to take an "effect" through influence, persuasion, entertainment and behavioral consequences. One thing Hall also mentions in the reading are how these messages play a role in violence. Not necessarily teaching violence but messages about violence (202). We hear topics about this everyday about how serial killers were involved and connected to violent video games in the past. But doesn't this also connect with other types of media like music, books, broadcast, internet and so forth that can also and potentially tie in with violent behaviors? It seems to me that violent video games are the only target and if so why aren't these other types of media taken into consideration? And if video games are really the problem, what kinds of regulations might we expect? Media is everywhere and there's simply no other way we can avoid them. So the situation to violent behaviors, it's a part of our job to choose what we want to be exposed to; what our families and children might be exposed to because it seems that nowadays, it is really corrupting the minds of the youth. For example, on a lighter side, a type of social structure media (dominant code) are social networking sites like facebook. We go on it everyday and spend long hours reading updated statuses because it's easy to connect with all our friends and family, we're able write about our lives, how are day was, edit our profiles and etc. But being apart of these dominant Hegemonic culture is only adding into this cultural norm and eventually becomes a sort of naturalized behavior. Try shutting yourself off from the internet for just one day and realize how productive you will be and how much better you feel. We are all so drawn into all these types of media that we become almost addicted and it is obviously affecting our time, health, thinking and behaviors. These are just some of my thoughts. Please feel free to comment.

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