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February 23, 2009

11-year-old boy charged with the killing of a pregnant woman

An 11-year-old boy is being held in a Pennsylvania jail for allegedly killing a pregnant woman on Friday.

Jordan Brown, a fifth-grader, allegedly shot his father 26-year-old girlfriend Kenzie Houk, whom was eight months pregnant, in the back of her head while she was laying on the bed said Star Tribune.

The unborn child died from lack of oxygen.

Houk was home with Brown and her two daughters ages four and seven.

After shooting Houk, Brown put the shotgun back in his room and got on the bus with Houk’s seven-year-old daughter and went to school.

Houk’s four-year-old daughter found the body of her mother and alerted nearby tree trimmers said WCCO News.

According to investigators there were inconsistencies in Brown’s story.

Houk’s seven-year-old daughter said she saw him with what she believed to be a shotgun and heard a loud bang.

Lawrence County District Attorney John Bongivengo said that Brown was charged Saturday as an adult in the death of 26-year-old Kenzie Marie Houk.

The shotgun used is designed for children and has a shorter arm and such weapons do not have to be registered, Bongivengo said. Jack Houk, 57, said the boy and his father used to practice shooting behind their farmhouse, and the two enjoyed going hunting together.

Brown was arraigned and was being held in the Lawrence County Jail, with a preliminary hearing scheduled for Thursday.

A Shakopee suspect shot by police officers

A Shakopee man who allegedly assaulted his wife and neighbor with a knife on Friday was shot by police Saturday.

William Denmark, 36, was wanted by police on suspicion of second-degree assault, second-degree domestic assault and violating an order of protection related to the events of the night before fled the scene after the incident with his wife and neighbor said Star Tribune.

According to police, there was evidence that someone had broken into the house when officers returned to the scene, at around 4 p.m. on Saturday, to continue their investigation.

Police found Denmark hiding in an attic space in a bedroom.

Denmark was holding a knife. When police told Denmark to drop the knife he refused.

Police used a Taser on Denmark, but it was ineffective.

Fearing for their lives police two officers shot Denmark said WCCO News.

He died at the scene.

The Shakopee officers involved in the shooting have been placed on paid administrative leave, which is standard procedure.

The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension is investigating.

Three people die in a head on car crash

Three people died in a head on car crash Saturday on Highway 71 of Olivia.

Eight-nine-year-old Fred Kingstrom and his 44-year-old daughter, Andrea Kingstrom died at Hennepin County Medical Center Saturday night.

Eight-three-year-old Ebba Kingstrom died at the scene wife. Their son Mark survived the crash said Fox 9 News.

The state patrol said the crashed happened at about 11:30 a.m. on Highway 71 going northbound of Olivia when a southbound pickup truck driving behind a snow plow crossed over the center line into the northbound lane crashing head on with the Kingstrom’s car said KARE 11 News.

The 28-year-old driver of the pickup truck received minor injuries.

The family were on their way to another daughters 50th birthday.
The Minnesota State Patrol is investigating.

Bomb in Cairo kills one French girl and injures 22 people

The AP article on was written the day of the bombing, while the Brisbane Times article was written a day later. However there is a time difference in all three location of Cairo, the United States and in Australia.

In the AP article lead it is written in a matter of telling an event without any blatantly suggesting a western terrorist attack. In the Brisbane Times lead it suggests a terrorist attack against Westerners.

In the AP article said that a French woman was killed and there were 21 wounded people. The Brisbane Times said that it was a 17-year-old girl and that there were 22 wounded people.

Also the Brisbane also states that a Health Minister Hatem al-Gabali told state television that the Frenchman died in the hospital from his injuries, but does not mention it in the lead or anywhere else in the article. The only known death is of the French girl.

There are also a difference number of nationalities of the victims. AP states that there were three Saudis, three Egyptians, 13 French and one German. Brisbane Times states that there were three Saudis, 13 French, a German and four Egyptians, including a child.

The AP takes a style of telling the event without any real sides to the story. It was just stating the facts at the time. Brisbane Times made it into an emotional story with lots of quotes from people who were at the bazaar at the time of the bombing.

They also focused a lot more on the French girl death. Brisbane made it very clear in the article that it was a terrorist attack western tourists.

Bomb kills a French girl and injures 22 people at a bazaar in Cairo

An attack in Cairo, Egypt, kills one French girl and injures 22 people at a popular bazaar Sunday evening.

The government said the attack involved a homemade bomb placed under a bench in the main plaza.

Police found a second bomb within an hour of the first explosion and detonated it. Security officials said three people were in custody said the AP.

A medic said that the French girl died at the hospital. Majority of the injured people were tourist from France. A German, three Saudis, four Egyptians, including a child was among the injured in the attack.

The Khan el-Khalili a 650-year-old bazaar is a popular tourist site next to Hussein mosque, one of Cairo’s most honored shrine. Tourism is a major source of foreign income for Egypt and in the past has been a target of terrorist and attempts to harm the government. Egypt had a total of 13 million tourists last year said Brisbane Times.

"The nature of the explosion looks like an act carried out by young, inexperienced amateurs whose emotions were inflamed by the events of Gaza," said Montasser el-Zayat, a lawyer who has represented Islamic extremists.

Egypt has had a chain of deadly attacks on Westerners by Islamic militant groups in the 1990s said the Brisbane Times.

Sunday's attack on the bazaar was the first on tourists in the past three years.

February 16, 2009

118 cat euthanized

There were two articles that I found on this subject. The article that I will analyze will be the most current news article from FOX 9 news.

This article was a great example of a short 200 word articles. The lead told you what happend, why it happened and where it happened at. Although it did not mention of when it happened. The second paragraph gives you one sentence of detail that said enough to explain why the cats were taken away. "There was just one litter box, and workers say the house was covered in urine and feces." The third sentence told you who the couples were and the last sentence told you a brief past of the couples problems with cat hoarding. This article was a great example of letting the reader know in as short of a manner as possible. This was a good set up for the article because it is not that important that a reader would want to know every little detail. The order was what happens which is the cats being euthanized who were taken away from a St. Anthony home. Why it happened because the cats were to sick to adopt. Where is at the Animal Humane Society. The next three sentences were extra details that were not needed in the lead. Also this was an article with new information. There had already been an article written previously as well so it fit well as a short article.

A three legged elephant gets a new leg

A young elephant is walking much more easily after having an artificial limb attached said Metro news.

Mocha stepped on a land mine that severely injured her front right leg when she was 7 months old. The injury was so severe that it had to be amputated.

The landmines at the Thai-Myanmar border have been claiming victims, both humans and animals, left from border conflicts.

After two years of stumbling around on three legs, the Asian Elephant Hospital, the world’s first elephant hospital, came to her aid said ABC news.

An Austin man shoots his children with a compressed-air pellet gun

An Austin man is being charged in Mower County District Court with two felony counts of second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon for shooting his two children with a compressed-air pellet gun.

Scott Engel shot his two children, both under the age of 12, with the pellet gun so he could teach them a lesson about firearm said AP news.

Engel said he wanted to show his kids that a compressed-air gun “can put somebody’s eye out easily.?

Engel admitted to shooting one child in the chest and another in the stomach. He said that the children wanted to know what it felt like to be shot by the pellet gun.

Engel is summoned to appear in court on March 12, said KARE 11 news.

118 cats euthanized

118 cats were euthanized after they were seized from a 500 square St. Anthony home said Fox9 news.

The Animal Humane Society said that the cats were in no physical or mental conditions to be adopted.

The cats were hoarded in the home of a couple in their 50’s. The husband was previously charged in Coon Rapids in 2002 for hoarding 72 cats in his last home said KARE11 news.

The couple were taking in stray cats one at a time and locking them up in their mobile home.

There was only one liter box stated Fox9 news.

"The floor was soaked thru with urine and rotting the floorboards. It was oozing out the door and the odor was consistent with that description," said Animal Humane Society investigator Keith Streff.

The cats were taken to the Golden Valley Humane Society.

"Some of the smaller kittens are sick with a bad upper repertory condition and the adults are on the thin side," Kathie Johnson of the Humane Society said.

"They were living and sleeping inside the trailer. They relegated the kitchen space to a living space and slept on the floor among the debris in the kitchen area," Streff said.

Authorities said that the couple had feces on their shoes and pants when they were evacuated from the mobile home.

The couple may face criminal charges.

A man conviceted of previous charges of DWI crashes a car rental while intoxicated

A convicted drunk driver is in critical condition after crashing a car rental into a utility pole Sunday morning.

Marvin Rice Jr., 27, whose car has to be equipped with anti-drunken driving technology, rented a car while intoxicated states AP.

Police says that Rice agreed to equip his car with a device that tests for alcohol in a driver’s breath before starting the car after previous DWI convictions.

It is still unknown how or when Rice rented a car with no anti-drunken device.

Rice is expected to be charged with another offense of DWI.

It was unclear when he rented another car that had no such device.

He is expected to be arraigned on a DWI charge states MSNBC.

February 15, 2009

Somali pirates release a Japanese cargo ship

Somali pirates released a Japanese ship after months of captivity.

The MV Chemstar Venus, a Japanese owned cargo ship, had 23 crew members on the ship. The ship was seized by Somali gunmen on Nov. 15 between Somalia and Yemen in the Gulf of Aden. The crew members and the ship were held in captivity for nearly three months before their release said Washington Post.

Somali Piracy has reached a record high since last year when 42 vessels were high jacked in the Gulf of Aden.

There have been 22 captured vessels by the Somali pirates since January.

The bureau has said that the rise in piracy was due to the more favorable weather and the temptation for pirates to target ships for ransom.

“A multi-national task force including the United States, the UK, India and Russia currently patrol the sea off the unstable Horn of Africa to deter pirates? said BBC News.

February 9, 2009

Superintendent killed in car crash

Superintendent John. P. Franzoia died in a vehicle crash Friday evening on Highway 15.

Franzoia, 62, was rear-ended by a 49-year-old man. The driver is a St. Cloud man who was put under custody because there was a detection of alcohol, reported KARE11 news.

Franzoia died at St. Cloud hospital on Saturday.

He was the superintendent of Royalton Public Schools for 18 years and before that the was the high school principle, reported WCCO news.

The community of Royalton will mourn the loss of Franzoia.

"He touched a lot of lives," said Phil Gurbada the Royalton Elementary School Principal.

"Always had a huge smile on his face no matter what. If you got in trouble, he was always there. He still smiled, even when he chewed you out," said Rhonda Kruchten, a Royalton High School alum.

There will be a memorial service for Franzoia at Royalton High School on Wednesday, Feb. 11 at 3:00.

3-year-old boy killed in house fire

A 3-year-old boy was killed in a house fire that started around 2 a.m. on Sunday, reported WCCO news.

Someone reported to the Todd County Sheriff's Department that a house on fire on Highway 27 east of Long Prairie.

When the emergency crew arrived on the scene, they were unable to rescue the 3-year-old boy.

An adult family member was also in the house during the fire, but was rescued and treated for smoke inhalation reported KARE11 news.

The State Fire Marshall's Office and the Todd County Sheriff's Office will be investigating the cause of the fire.

Famous alligator left in dead owners backyard

Albert a famous movie star alligator was found alone in his owners backyard after his owner accidentally cut his own neck with a chainsaw and bled to death late January.

Police officials found Richard Beamon, 43, dead in his yard a few feet away from the 800 pound 12 foot alligator, reported NewsOn6 and KOCO news.

Beamon’s relatives called GW Exotic Animal Park to rescue Albert from his deceased owner’s home.
"It took us a couple of hours to get him out of the water. We finally managed to get it done," said John Reinke of GW Exotic Animal Park. NewsOn6

Albert, who has worked alongside with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Mel Gibson, has been relocated safely to GW Exotic Animal Memorial Park.

Polish engineer kidnnaped by Taliban in Pakistan Analysis

In the CNN news article it reported that Dawn News had announced the execution of Piotr Stancza. Also CNN called Stancza an engineer and Dawn News had called him a geologist. CNN used Dawn News, Polish Embassy spokesman Peter Adams and a spokesman for Pakistan's interior ministry Shahid Ullah Baig as sources. BBC News used Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk, Pakistani security officials, a Taliban spokesman Mohammed, Reuters news, and Piotr Adamkiewicz, a spokesman at the Polish embassy in Islamabad as news source. With CNN it seemed more like a hard news story and BBC News was more of a feature news story. CNN did not go into detail about the initial attack of the kidnapped while BBC News even announced the death of Stancza's driver, body guard and translator. BBC News spelt the Polish engineer's last name as Stanczak and CNN spelt his last name as Stancza. BBC News had more direct quotes from sources. When BBC News used the quote from the Taliban spokesman it added more credibility to the article. Also the sources that BBC News used were more credible such as the Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk and the Polish embassy in Islamabad Piotr Adamkiewicz. Whereas CNN only used spokesman of each embassy and no one with any real credentials. Both articles were effective because CNN was a hard news type and BBC News was a feature news type.

Polish engineer kidnapped by Taliban in Pakistan

Piotr Stancza was kidnapped September 28 in Punjab province while searching for natural gas for a Polish survey company.

The Taliban had demanded the release of other Taliban prisoners in exchange for Stancza.

Polish Embassy spokesman Peter Adams said "We did whatever we could, pressuring the Pakistani government on the presidential and prime minister level. Problem was, this was solely Pakistan's responsibility. Demands were only towards [the] Pakistan government." reported CNN.

Shahid Ullah Baig a spokesman for the Pakistan interior ministry said that the Pakistan government was doing everything they could.

Stancza's Pakistani driver, bodyguard and translator were killed in the attack.

A Taliban spokesman said that Stancza had been beheaded because the Pakistan government refused to turn over Taliban prisoners.

Although the Pkistan government has recieved informal conformation that Stancza was killed, the a spokesman for the Polish embassy said that they were waiting for more evidence, reported BBC.

February 2, 2009

First gay women to be announced as prime minister of Ireland

The first women to be anounced as the prime minister of Ireland is also the first world prime minister to admit to being gay.

Due to the turmoil and rioting, Ireland forced Prime Minister Geir Haarde and his coalition to resign and asigned Johanna Sigurdardottir, 66, to become the new prime minister of Ireland until the next election. http://www.cnn.com/2009/WORLD/europe/02/01/iceland.pm/index.html

The news of Sigurdardottir being gay was of no discern to the peolple of Ireland. When the people of Irelan found out that Sigurdardottir was gay, it was a simple shrug on the shoulders said The Independent.

The former flight attendant will only be the prime minister until May, when the next election occurs in May.