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Bomb kills a French girl and injures 22 people at a bazaar in Cairo

An attack in Cairo, Egypt, kills one French girl and injures 22 people at a popular bazaar Sunday evening.

The government said the attack involved a homemade bomb placed under a bench in the main plaza.

Police found a second bomb within an hour of the first explosion and detonated it. Security officials said three people were in custody said the AP.

A medic said that the French girl died at the hospital. Majority of the injured people were tourist from France. A German, three Saudis, four Egyptians, including a child was among the injured in the attack.

The Khan el-Khalili a 650-year-old bazaar is a popular tourist site next to Hussein mosque, one of Cairo’s most honored shrine. Tourism is a major source of foreign income for Egypt and in the past has been a target of terrorist and attempts to harm the government. Egypt had a total of 13 million tourists last year said Brisbane Times.

"The nature of the explosion looks like an act carried out by young, inexperienced amateurs whose emotions were inflamed by the events of Gaza," said Montasser el-Zayat, a lawyer who has represented Islamic extremists.

Egypt has had a chain of deadly attacks on Westerners by Islamic militant groups in the 1990s said the Brisbane Times.

Sunday's attack on the bazaar was the first on tourists in the past three years.