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Polish engineer kidnapped by Taliban in Pakistan

Piotr Stancza was kidnapped September 28 in Punjab province while searching for natural gas for a Polish survey company.

The Taliban had demanded the release of other Taliban prisoners in exchange for Stancza.

Polish Embassy spokesman Peter Adams said "We did whatever we could, pressuring the Pakistani government on the presidential and prime minister level. Problem was, this was solely Pakistan's responsibility. Demands were only towards [the] Pakistan government." reported CNN.

Shahid Ullah Baig a spokesman for the Pakistan interior ministry said that the Pakistan government was doing everything they could.

Stancza's Pakistani driver, bodyguard and translator were killed in the attack.

A Taliban spokesman said that Stancza had been beheaded because the Pakistan government refused to turn over Taliban prisoners.

Although the Pkistan government has recieved informal conformation that Stancza was killed, the a spokesman for the Polish embassy said that they were waiting for more evidence, reported BBC.