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Somali pirates release a Japanese cargo ship

Somali pirates released a Japanese ship after months of captivity.

The MV Chemstar Venus, a Japanese owned cargo ship, had 23 crew members on the ship. The ship was seized by Somali gunmen on Nov. 15 between Somalia and Yemen in the Gulf of Aden. The crew members and the ship were held in captivity for nearly three months before their release said Washington Post.

Somali Piracy has reached a record high since last year when 42 vessels were high jacked in the Gulf of Aden.

There have been 22 captured vessels by the Somali pirates since January.

The bureau has said that the rise in piracy was due to the more favorable weather and the temptation for pirates to target ships for ransom.

“A multi-national task force including the United States, the UK, India and Russia currently patrol the sea off the unstable Horn of Africa to deter pirates� said BBC News.