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Brazilian man steals a plane and kidnapped his daughter

A Brazilian man kidnapped his daughter, steals a small plane and crashes it into a shopping center in Goiania city killing him and his daughter in the incident said Thaindian News.
Kleber Barbosa da Silva pushed his wife out of the moving vehicle and kidnapped his five-year-old daughter in Luziania, before stealing a single-engine plane from a local airport said Thaindian News. Name of the man was sourced from CNN news.
Kleber Barbosa da Silva pushed the pilot out the plane just before takeoff and crashed it into a shopping center said CNN news.
A helicopter pursuing the plane crashed into a parking lot after performing dangerous maneuvers to try and stop the plane said Thaindian News.
There have not been any announcements if there are other deaths or injuries about the people within the area of both crashes.
The mother sustained severe injury from being thrown out of the moving vehicle and in the hospital.
Authorities have not yet determined the reasons why the man kidnapped his daughter.