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New discovered evidence of a more advanced ancient civilization in Malasyia

Researchers with a Malaysian university uncovered evidence of a more advanced ancient civilization than thought to be in Southeast Asia.

Archaeologists found remains of an iron smelting site and tools to pump oxygen into the iron, rooftops of buildings, beads, and pots said CNN news.

The discovery was made in Lembah Bujang, a historical site in Malaysia.

The remains of the findings prove that the technology and the people were more advanced than scholars first estimated.

Pieces of the finding were sent to a Florida testing facility, where carbon testing revealed the age of the findings. Samples revealed that there were at least 1,700-years-old, give or take 40 years dating back to the third of fourth century said Softpedia news.

Center for Archaeological Research Malaysia director Mokhtar Saidin said “This result (...) really shows that the Bujang Valley people during that time were very high-tech.”