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Polar Bear Plunge for charity

Although the article is short it about the annual polar bear plunge to help raise money for the Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics Minnesota.

The source is not really stated, but it would seem like the Minnesota law enforcement would be a good source because it is a fund raising for them to help support the Special Olympics.

The angle that the reporter takes on is doing something cool for a great cause. Instead of just listing the time and place of the polar bear plunge, the reporter talks about the reason for the event, the recording breaking plunges they had the year before raising a total of $612,000 for charity and that fact that it is something fun to do over the weekend.

The reporter does not only list what and when the event is going to happen, but also past events, why and how.
With the knowledge of why this event is happening is a great angle for an event such as this.

Not everyone is willing to plunge in to ice cold water, but if it is for a great cause then maybe it can change people’s minds.