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April 27, 2009

Dinkytown riot

Five university students including seven others were arrested Saturday night for rioting during spring jam in Dinkytown.

Most were arrested for unlawful assembly or disorderly conduct. KARE 11

The riot started at a large off-campus party on the 1400 block of 7th Street SE after a Spring Jam concert was cancelled. KARE 11

"The initial officers were met by bottles, rocks and other debris being thrown at them," said Minneapolis Police Sgt. Jesse Garcia.

Nearly 60 officers were in riot gear as they fought off an estimated 500 partying students who were throwing beer bottles, rocks and other debris at them. FOX 9

Students also started fires in the middle of the street.

Students caused property damage in the area by jumping on cars, trying to tip over vehicles and starting a large fire in the street. KARE 11

No serious injuries have been reported.

Secretary of Homeland Security apologies to veterans

Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano meet with American Legion National Commander David Rehbein at Homeland Security headquarters to apology to veterans Friday, for the report of a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) report that suggested returning combat veterans could be recruited by right-wing extremist groups. CNN

In a statement issued by the department, Napolitano said, "We connected meaningfully about the important issues that have emerged over recent days, and I offered him my sincere apologies for any offense to our veterans caused by this report. ... I pledge that the department has fixed the internal process that allowed this document to be released before it was ready." CNN

Napolitano has added additional layers of review had now been added to her department's report dissemination process. AP

The report was an unclassified assessment sent to law enforcement agencies. It was titled "Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment."

"In the mind of the American Legion, I think her apology was sufficient," Renbein said. "The way the Vietnam veterans were treated once they came home, that's what drives the sensitivity to this, because those things start small and then grow from there, and we need to make sure anytime something like that happens we need to step on that and make sure it goes away very quickly." CNN

Sri Lanka government refuses cease fire

The government of Sri Lanka rejects the proposal of a cease fire with the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) on Sunday making it more difficult for humanitarian aid from the U.N. and other agencies from providing aid to innocent Sri Lankans who are trapped within the war zone.

"In the face of an unprecedented humanitarian crisis and in response to the calls made by the U.N., EU, the governments of the USA, India and others, the (LTTE) has announced an unilateral cease-fire. All of LTTE's offensive military operations will cease with immediate effect," the rebel leaders said in a written statement issued earlier Sunday. CNN

The government has refused the proposal and instead demands the surrender of the LTTE.
"We expect all the LTTE cadres to come and surrender. It will automatically become a ceasefire if they lay down arms and surrender." said Brigadier Udaya Nanayakkara, a spokesman for the Sri Lankan military.

Tamil activist and spokesman for the British Tamils Forum, Suren Surendiran said “What the Sri Lankan government is doing is a slow genocide.”

Surendiran said that the government has bombed within the no fire zone killing 174 civilians within the last two days. Forty-eight of them were children. Aljazeera news

The Sri Lanka’s air force has denied the claim of bombing within the no fire zone.

The priority of other nations is the safety of the civilians trapped between the war of the government and the LTTE.

The LTTE IS listed as a "terror group" by many Western nations, has been fighting since 1983.

April 20, 2009

A 23-year-old man is in stable conditions after falling off a bridge

A 23-year-old man is in stable conditions after he pretended to fall off a bridge and then actually fell off said KARE11 news.

Police received a call at around 5 a.m. Sunday morning from a young man who said that his friend had fallen off a bridge.

The 23-year-old had to the man driving to pull over to the bridge emergency lane so that he could urinate and then pretended to fall off the bridge.

The bridge is located in Bloomington off highway 77 over the Mississippi River. The man fell onto a marshy area.

Police and Fire Department used a chair lift to rescue the man. He was sent to Hennepin County where he is in stable conditions, but with serious injuries said KARE 11 and WCCO news.

A women dies in car crash

A Hmong woman is killed in a deadly car crash when a vehicle that was being pursued by cops crashed into her vehicle.

Shoua/Leng Xiong died at the scene of the accident. Her Husband, Zong Xiong, was taken to Regions Hospital where he is in serious condition said WCCO and KSTP news.

The police were called to investigate a stolen car incident when Tito Campbell, the driver of the stolen vehicle took off. Police stopped pursuing Campbell when they said that Tito started to drive aggressively said WCCO news.

The police were later called to the scene of the accident of where Shoua/Leng Xiong was killed.

In the car of the stolen vehicle was also an eight-year-old boy. The relationship between him and Campbell is still unknown said KSTP.

The eight-year-old boy and Campbell sustained minor injuries said KSTP news.

Police said that Campbell appeared intoxicated.

Charges against Campbell are expected Monday said KSTP news.

April 6, 2009

Earthquake rattles Italy

The reporter used numbers by describing the magnitude of the earthquake, the time in two different
time zones and the amount of lives that were claimed by the earthquake.
The way the reported used the numbers was a bit over whelming because the article was about an
earthquake that hit Italy and so the time zones and measurements got really confusing when the
reporter had to write both amounts in. I think if the reporter would have just stuck with on standard
time zone and metric system it would have been less confusing. The reporter did not use math in this
article, but more about time and distances. This part of the article was good because it gave the reader
a visual picture of how the earthquake was moving. The reporter did source the numbers and they were
taken from the U.S. Geological Survey and a spokesman with the Italian civil protection agency.

Three Winona High School Student charged with theft

Three Winona High School honor student s have been charged with theft for stealing from the gym lockers.

One boy is 17 year old and the other two are 16 years old. The charges include felony counts of theft and receiving stolen property said WCCO.

The three boys stole more than $1,300 in cash and merchandise.

Prosecutors say the three broke padlocks on lockers in December and stole items including cash, cell phones, a credit card and an iPod said KARE 11.

St. Thomas student missing

Authorities are searching for a St. Thomas student who was reported missing early this morning.

Dan Zamlen, 18, was last heard from at about 3 a.m. on Sunday when his cell phone suddenly went dead during a conversation with a friend said WCCO.

Zamlen, freshmen, had left a party at the time of his disappearance said KARE11.

Zamlen was last known to be walking along Mississippi River Boulevard near St. Clair Avenue in St. Paul.

A helicopter was used to search along the river, but nothing was found. Friends and family of Zamlen are walking along the Mississippi Boulevard handing out pictures of Zamlen said WCCO.

Zamlen is described as 6-foot tall weighing 175 pounds and was last seen wearing a blue jacket and jeans.

Zamlen is a Type 1 diabetic and may have been in need of medical attention said Jim Minterer, a St. Thomas spokesperson.

4th grader dies two days later after drowning

A Montevideo 4th grader drowned during a school outing died Sunday morning said morning said KARE 11.

Eddie Ojie drowned during a school field trip on Friday to the Kilowatt Center in Granite Falls.

According to Superintendent David Baukol, the Sanford Elementary School students were at the center as a reward for performance said WCCO.

CPR attempts were performed when Ojer was found underwater during the swim outing, but paramedics were unable to revive Ojer at the scene said WCCO.

Ojer was pronounced dead on Sunday at Hennepin County Medical Center where he was airlifted to, said KARE 11.

Funeral arrangements are pending.

Counselors and social workers will be at the school on Monday to help students and parents deal with the grief.

Emaciated Zimbwean Prisoner

Newly released images from a documentary called Hell Hole provided a rare look inside the horrific lives of Zimbabwean prisoners.

There have been many complaints from former prisoners and human rights activists about the horrifying conditions the prisoners must live with, but there has been little evidence to prove it until now said AP.

Godknows Nare, producer of Hell Hole, spent four months training insiders to capture the footages. Nares said that he hoped the footage would persuade Zimbwae’s new coalition government and the international community to step in and help.

Images from the documentary showed emaciated prisoners wasting away from the lack of food and medical care. Prisoners were too weak to stand. Nare said prison menus have been reduced to daily bowls of corn porridge, which the inmates are shown eating slowly, as if they barely have the energy to bring the food to their mouths. CNN

Annah Y. Moyo, a Zimbabwean lawyer who works with the Southern African Center for Survivors of Torture, said conditions in Zimbabwean prisons were "a form of torture." CNN.

"Everyone knows that if you're sent to prison, your chances of coming out alive are slim," Moyo said.

“Just hearsay, without visual proof, is not enough to change people’s minds,” he said.

Brother kills two sisters and injures another

A man kills two of his younger sister and attacks another one at their Massachusetts home on the day of his little sister’s birthday Saturday.

Kerby Revelus, 23, stabbed his 17-year-old sister Samantha to death, decapitated his five-year-old sister Bianca, and stabbed and injured his nine-year-old sister Sarafina said CNN.

Kerby had previously gotten into a fight with a neighbour the day before and was still agitated from the incident when he turned on his sisters the next day said SKY news.

Sarafina had called the police when Kerby stabbed Samantha. The police arrived in the home a minute later only to witness Kerby decapitating his five-year-old sister. Police shot and killed Kerby when he tried to attack Sarafina said CNN.

"In policing, we see the raw human emotion every day, but to think that a human being could afflict such an atrocious, violent act on his own family is unbelievable," Milton police Chief Richard G. Wells Jr. said Sunday. "When I walked up to the first officer (on the scene), I could see the whole story right in his face. This just told me that this was something very bad."

Sarafina was hospitalized Sunday with defensive wounds to her hands and stab wounds in her abdomen and one of her legs said CNN.

The parents of the siblings were out of town and their grandmother was in the basement during the murder.