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A women dies in car crash

A Hmong woman is killed in a deadly car crash when a vehicle that was being pursued by cops crashed into her vehicle.

Shoua/Leng Xiong died at the scene of the accident. Her Husband, Zong Xiong, was taken to Regions Hospital where he is in serious condition said WCCO and KSTP news.

The police were called to investigate a stolen car incident when Tito Campbell, the driver of the stolen vehicle took off. Police stopped pursuing Campbell when they said that Tito started to drive aggressively said WCCO news.

The police were later called to the scene of the accident of where Shoua/Leng Xiong was killed.

In the car of the stolen vehicle was also an eight-year-old boy. The relationship between him and Campbell is still unknown said KSTP.

The eight-year-old boy and Campbell sustained minor injuries said KSTP news.

Police said that Campbell appeared intoxicated.

Charges against Campbell are expected Monday said KSTP news.