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Dinkytown riot

Five university students including seven others were arrested Saturday night for rioting during spring jam in Dinkytown.

Most were arrested for unlawful assembly or disorderly conduct. KARE 11

The riot started at a large off-campus party on the 1400 block of 7th Street SE after a Spring Jam concert was cancelled. KARE 11

"The initial officers were met by bottles, rocks and other debris being thrown at them," said Minneapolis Police Sgt. Jesse Garcia.

Nearly 60 officers were in riot gear as they fought off an estimated 500 partying students who were throwing beer bottles, rocks and other debris at them. FOX 9

Students also started fires in the middle of the street.

Students caused property damage in the area by jumping on cars, trying to tip over vehicles and starting a large fire in the street. KARE 11

No serious injuries have been reported.