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Emaciated Zimbwean Prisoner

Newly released images from a documentary called Hell Hole provided a rare look inside the horrific lives of Zimbabwean prisoners.

There have been many complaints from former prisoners and human rights activists about the horrifying conditions the prisoners must live with, but there has been little evidence to prove it until now said AP.

Godknows Nare, producer of Hell Hole, spent four months training insiders to capture the footages. Nares said that he hoped the footage would persuade Zimbwae’s new coalition government and the international community to step in and help.

Images from the documentary showed emaciated prisoners wasting away from the lack of food and medical care. Prisoners were too weak to stand. Nare said prison menus have been reduced to daily bowls of corn porridge, which the inmates are shown eating slowly, as if they barely have the energy to bring the food to their mouths. CNN

Annah Y. Moyo, a Zimbabwean lawyer who works with the Southern African Center for Survivors of Torture, said conditions in Zimbabwean prisons were "a form of torture." CNN.

"Everyone knows that if you're sent to prison, your chances of coming out alive are slim," Moyo said.

“Just hearsay, without visual proof, is not enough to change people’s minds,” he said.