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Farmer clash with Egyptian police

Pig farmers clash with Cairo police offices in Cairo when the Egyptian government required all pigs in the country be killed, in precaution against the spreading of the swine flu.

Egypt began the cull of the nation's 250,000 pigs on Saturday, despite the World Health Organization saying there was no evidence the animals were spreading the swine flu.

The farmers were throwing rocks and bottles at police trying to prevent the police from taking away their pigs. Channel Asia News

Anti-riot police fired rubber bullets and tear gas at the famers. An AFP correspondent said the demonstrators ransacked a police post and an officer fired warning shots in the air. Channel Asia News

Brig. Gen. Hani Abdel-Latif said 50 to 60 protesters gathered in Cairo's Manshiyet Naser slum because they were upset with the health ministry's decision to slaughter all pigs in the country, but the local media reported that the numbers where in the hundreds. CNN

According to the Centers for Disease and Prevention, the swine flu cannot get the swine flu by eating pork, but most likely occur when humans are in close contact to sick animals, like pig barns. CNN

Most Egyptian pig farmers are Coptic Christians and do eat pork. They make up about coexisted peacefully with the Muslim majority in Egypt. Percent of the Egyptian population and have been living peacefully with Muslim majority in Egypt.

The Egyptian government will compensate the farmers by paying them as much as $45 for a disease-free pig and about $5 for a diseased one.

The health ministry told CNN its workers are freezing all the disease-free meat and plan to give it back to its owners once the ban on pigs is lifted. However ministry source said that there were not enough facilities to store all the frozen meat. Ministry spokesman Dr. Abdel-Rahman Shaheen said the government will open two new slaughterhouses in two provinces near Cairo, al-Alioubiya and al-Giza. CNN

There have been no confirmed cases of the virus in Egypt.