April 6, 2009

Earthquake rattles Italy

The reporter used numbers by describing the magnitude of the earthquake, the time in two different
time zones and the amount of lives that were claimed by the earthquake.
The way the reported used the numbers was a bit over whelming because the article was about an
earthquake that hit Italy and so the time zones and measurements got really confusing when the
reporter had to write both amounts in. I think if the reporter would have just stuck with on standard
time zone and metric system it would have been less confusing. The reporter did not use math in this
article, but more about time and distances. This part of the article was good because it gave the reader
a visual picture of how the earthquake was moving. The reporter did source the numbers and they were
taken from the U.S. Geological Survey and a spokesman with the Italian civil protection agency.

March 30, 2009

Natasha Richardson dies during a skiing trip

This article is not written in a standard obituary format. The lead does not mention when or where the death occured and it does not mention her age. It focused on notable identifying facts such as being the wife of Liam Neeson.

The article does not mention anything about how, where and when Richardson died. It may have been writen this way because there were already so much news coverage when her death occured and that it may have seemed redundant to restate how she died.

The first few paragraphs of this article seemed to have followed a different format of obituary writing. but the rest of the article was a chronological and resume like writing. There were to much information about movies and stage shows that she had appeared in. It seemed like most of the movies mentioned did not make a great impact on her life and that there were very affect impact on her career.

AThe article did source Richardson herself, but it almost seemed like the cut and pasted all the information from wikipedia.

March 9, 2009

Polar Bear Plunge for charity

Although the article is short it about the annual polar bear plunge to help raise money for the Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics Minnesota.

The source is not really stated, but it would seem like the Minnesota law enforcement would be a good source because it is a fund raising for them to help support the Special Olympics.

The angle that the reporter takes on is doing something cool for a great cause. Instead of just listing the time and place of the polar bear plunge, the reporter talks about the reason for the event, the recording breaking plunges they had the year before raising a total of $612,000 for charity and that fact that it is something fun to do over the weekend.

The reporter does not only list what and when the event is going to happen, but also past events, why and how.
With the knowledge of why this event is happening is a great angle for an event such as this.

Not everyone is willing to plunge in to ice cold water, but if it is for a great cause then maybe it can change people’s minds.

February 23, 2009

Bomb in Cairo kills one French girl and injures 22 people

The AP article on was written the day of the bombing, while the Brisbane Times article was written a day later. However there is a time difference in all three location of Cairo, the United States and in Australia.

In the AP article lead it is written in a matter of telling an event without any blatantly suggesting a western terrorist attack. In the Brisbane Times lead it suggests a terrorist attack against Westerners.

In the AP article said that a French woman was killed and there were 21 wounded people. The Brisbane Times said that it was a 17-year-old girl and that there were 22 wounded people.

Also the Brisbane also states that a Health Minister Hatem al-Gabali told state television that the Frenchman died in the hospital from his injuries, but does not mention it in the lead or anywhere else in the article. The only known death is of the French girl.

There are also a difference number of nationalities of the victims. AP states that there were three Saudis, three Egyptians, 13 French and one German. Brisbane Times states that there were three Saudis, 13 French, a German and four Egyptians, including a child.

The AP takes a style of telling the event without any real sides to the story. It was just stating the facts at the time. Brisbane Times made it into an emotional story with lots of quotes from people who were at the bazaar at the time of the bombing.

They also focused a lot more on the French girl death. Brisbane made it very clear in the article that it was a terrorist attack western tourists.

February 16, 2009

118 cat euthanized

There were two articles that I found on this subject. The article that I will analyze will be the most current news article from FOX 9 news.

This article was a great example of a short 200 word articles. The lead told you what happend, why it happened and where it happened at. Although it did not mention of when it happened. The second paragraph gives you one sentence of detail that said enough to explain why the cats were taken away. "There was just one litter box, and workers say the house was covered in urine and feces." The third sentence told you who the couples were and the last sentence told you a brief past of the couples problems with cat hoarding. This article was a great example of letting the reader know in as short of a manner as possible. This was a good set up for the article because it is not that important that a reader would want to know every little detail. The order was what happens which is the cats being euthanized who were taken away from a St. Anthony home. Why it happened because the cats were to sick to adopt. Where is at the Animal Humane Society. The next three sentences were extra details that were not needed in the lead. Also this was an article with new information. There had already been an article written previously as well so it fit well as a short article.

February 9, 2009

Polish engineer kidnnaped by Taliban in Pakistan Analysis

In the CNN news article it reported that Dawn News had announced the execution of Piotr Stancza. Also CNN called Stancza an engineer and Dawn News had called him a geologist. CNN used Dawn News, Polish Embassy spokesman Peter Adams and a spokesman for Pakistan's interior ministry Shahid Ullah Baig as sources. BBC News used Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk, Pakistani security officials, a Taliban spokesman Mohammed, Reuters news, and Piotr Adamkiewicz, a spokesman at the Polish embassy in Islamabad as news source. With CNN it seemed more like a hard news story and BBC News was more of a feature news story. CNN did not go into detail about the initial attack of the kidnapped while BBC News even announced the death of Stancza's driver, body guard and translator. BBC News spelt the Polish engineer's last name as Stanczak and CNN spelt his last name as Stancza. BBC News had more direct quotes from sources. When BBC News used the quote from the Taliban spokesman it added more credibility to the article. Also the sources that BBC News used were more credible such as the Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk and the Polish embassy in Islamabad Piotr Adamkiewicz. Whereas CNN only used spokesman of each embassy and no one with any real credentials. Both articles were effective because CNN was a hard news type and BBC News was a feature news type.