Palin visits Minneapolis to support Rep. Bachmann

The Pioneer Press, CBS News, and The Minnesota Daily all covered former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin's trip to the Minneapolis Convention Center to support Republican Representative Michele Bachmann's bid for re-election. What was most common among the three reports was the quotes they used. When so many political forces align in one spot (Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty was also in attendance), it is a bigger draw for the media, and they probably know that, saying things they know will get quoted in the newspaper. Sarah Palin said things such as, "They're becoming addicted to 'opium' -- O-P-M -- other people's money," and "What I like about Michele is she just doesn't tell them no, she tells them H-E-L-L no," in reference to the Democrats calling Republicans the party of 'No.' Bachmann, meanwhile, said "You better believe it, baby. Repeal is going to be what this girl is all about after November," referring to herself. Because The Minnesota Daily is less able to talk to the bigger powers, they include a lot of quotes from the audience. CBS News didn't include any audience quotes while the Pioneer Press included some.

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