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Following the disaster of the oil rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico, the Coast Guard has suspended the search for the 11 missing oil rig workers, according to NBC Nightly News. Both NBC and ABC World News cover most of the same information. They both set up the story with the suspension of the search to move onto the bulk of the story, which is about the recovery. Both have animations showing how boats put out some sort of flotation device/net to stop the oil spill, then have boats clean up the spill inside those boundaries.
Both also put the story into national and political perspectives, connecting to President Obama's recent announcement to expand off-shore oil drilling. Both story also quickly followed this connection by the response of environmentalists to Obama's announcement, each including an interview with different environmental "experts," a professor at Tulane University and someone from an environmental group. Both also include a statement from U.S. Coast Guard Rear Admiral Mary Landry, in the same outfit and location which means she most likely gave some sort of press conference that both networks are using footage from.
Differing from NBC, ABC had video footage of the oil spill for a helicopter to show what it looked like, as well as graphics and numbers showing what the size of the oil spill is. However, both mention the weather and how it might drastically affect the size of the oil spill. Both stories have incorporated many angles (political, environmental, weather) on this story.

Nursing homes money schemes leads to patient neglect

A recent article in the Chicago Tribune reports on the investigation that uncovered the money making scheme of Dr. Roland Borrasi, who was a middleman when it came to delivering elderly and mentally disabled patients to nursing homes.
"Basically, I have a commodity; my commodity is nursing home patients," Borrasi said.
The more patients a nursing home has, especially more fragile and high-needs patients, the more money (Medicaid, etc) the nursing home will receive. When nursing homes were running low on patients, they would contact Borrasi, who would contact hospitals and transport the needed patients. Borrasi also owned a "medical group" that hospitals and nursing homes would pay stipends to, which made the whole scheme look legitimate on the outside.
Mercury News reported on a separate scheme involving nursing home abuse. It talks about a California chain of nursing homes saving an increase in state funding for nursing homes while laying off workers to show an increase in profits.
Both reports are very in-depth (and long), showing an accumulation of reporting done over the span of several years. It is a bit difficult to comprehend the information, and rereads were necessary. It is difficult to condense so much research and reporting into an article and still make it understandable, but both could've been better written. Both also make use of examples of neglect the patients suffered, sometimes resulting in death. News is people and these are the victims portrayed, along with those portrayed as the greedy villains.

Rallies held nationwide for immigration reform

Thousands gathered nationwide in cities such as Las Vegas and Seattle demanding immigration reform. The rally-goers demanded changes in the immigration process and protection for illegal immigrants. The rallies were often attended by political figures such as Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Rep. Shelley Berkley, D-Nev, according to the Associated Press.
That article is a bit confusing to follow, its brief and I had to re-read it to make sure it was only talking about Las Vegas and not two different rallies, though there were simultaneous rallies held nationwide Saturday afternoon. I noticed that article said police estimated about 3,500 people in attendance, while the organizers gave the very-high figure of 10,000, nearly triple the police estimate.
The Seattle Pi covers the rally in Seattle. It includes quotes from those at the rally as well as their stated motivations for being there. It also includes viewpoints from the opposition, who believe that border security is what needs to be focused on.

Earthquake hits southern California, Mexico

A magnitude 7.2 earthquake hit Sunday afternoon, affecting southern California and northwestern Mexico the most. Arizonan and Nevadan residents also reported feeling the effects of the earthquake.
According to the Associated Press, the earthquake caused a parking structure to collapse near the city hall in Mexacali. Mexicali is a busy, commercial city in Mexico.
One man has died when his home collapsed on him, according to the Los Angeles Times.
This is an especially powerful earthquake, being the strongest one since the 1992 Landers earthquake as reported by the Los Angeles Times.
Damage in California has been relatively little, with lights flickering and rare cases of loss of electricity, reports the Associated Press.

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